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Scientists claim 'cure' for skin cancer (April 14, 2010)
Novel Device Shows Great Potential in Detecting Oral Cancer (May 6, 2008)
Monitor Your Moles For Signs Of Dangerous Skin Cancer (April 28, 2008)
Compound Found In Soybeans May Halt Spread Of Prostate Cancer (April 1, 2008)
Fewer Doses Of Radiation Still Effective In Beating Breast Cancer (March 19, 2008)
Severe Psychological Stress May Be Linked To Breast Cancer (March 10, 2008)
Scientists Say Anti-Cancer Smart Bomb Ready For Human Use (March 5, 2008)
New Research Confirms The Power Of Images In The Brain To Heal The Body (January 7, 2008)
Genentech's Avastin Shows Promise In Brain Cancer (November 18, 2007)
Synthetic Molecule Makes Cancer Cells Commit Suicide (November 14, 2007)
New Targeted Approach To Light-Activated Cancer Drugs With Tumor-Seeking Antibodies Shows Promise (November 10, 2007)
Study Suggests New Pill Is Better Than Traditional Chemotherapy (October 9, 2007)
Stem Cells Can Prompt Metastasis In Cancer (October 3, 2007)
Tangerine Peel Kills Certain Human Cancer Cells (September 12, 2007)
Study Reveals New Details Of Tumor Suppressor Gene P3 Regulation (September 7, 2007)
Smokers More Likely To Develop Alzheimer's (September 4, 2007)
Women Smokers Have Higher Risk For Head And Neck Cancer Than Men (August 30, 2007)
DNA Provides Clues To Outcome In Patients With Liver Cancer (August 27, 2007)
New Nanoparticle May Detect Diseases That Have Chronic Inflamation Like Cancer, Alzheimer's, Heart Disease And Arthritis (August 20, 2007)
Study Shows Dark-Colored Fruits and Veggies Fight Colon Cancer (August 20, 2007)
Researchers Identify Markers That May Predict Diabetes In Still-healthy People (August 15, 2007)
'Western' Diet Linked To Increased Risk Of Colon Cancer Recurrence (August 14, 2007)
Newly Created Cancer Stem Cells Could Aid Breast Cancer Research (August 13, 2007)
New Anti-cancer Therapy Aims To StopCancer Cells From Reading Their Own DNA (August 9, 2007)
U-M Researchers Find 'On Switches' That Cause Prostate Cancer (August 1, 2007)
Researchers Identify New Genes Linked With MS (July 30, 2007)
Link Between Breast Cancer and Hormone Therapy (July 27, 2007)
'Painting Tumors' Helps Surgeons In Removing Cancer Cells (July 24, 2007)
New Combination Therapy Promotes Cancer Cell Death (July 18, 2007)
Monoclonal Antibody Inhibits Growth And Induces Death In Liver Cancer Cells (July 13, 2007)
Researchers: Gene Therapy Eradicates Pancreatic Cancer In Preclinical Trial (July 11, 2007)
Diabetes Fight May Be Helped By New Molecular Target (July 6, 2007)
Researchers Turn Stem Cells Taken From Fat Tissue Into 'Suicide genes' That Seek Out And Destroy Tumors (July 6, 2007)
'Huge' Weight Gains Reported By Patients On Prescription Drugs (June 25, 2007)
Scientists Show Protein Accelerates Breast Cancer Progression in Animal Models (June 25, 2007)
Insulin Pill Offers Hope For 'Needle-free' Control Of Diabetes (June 23, 2007)
Study: Tumor Vessels Distinquished By Unique Molecular Markers (June 17, 2007)
Study: Talcum Powder Stunts Cancer Growth (June 13, 2007)
'Some' Cancer Patients Might Soon Skip Chemo (June 6, 2007)
Chemo Combo Improves Survival In Metastatic Melanoma: (June 4, 2007)
Chronic Gum Disease Linked To Risk Of Tongue Cancer (May 23, 2007)
Scientists Find Potential Target For Treating Up To 40% Of Breast Cancers. (May 15, 2007)
Scientists Equip Bacteria With Custom Chemo-navigational System (May 14, 2007)
Study Shows Link Between Diabetes And Mild Cognitive Impairment (May 9, 2007)
Oral Sex May Increase Risk Oropharyngeal Cancer (May 9, 2007)
Drinking Tea Lowers Risk Of Skin Cancer (May 7, 2007)
New Lung Cancer Therapies Created (April 26, 2007)
Antioxidant Found In Many Foods And Red Wine Is Potent And Selective Killer Of Leukemia Cells (April 25, 2007)
New Cancer Warning Over Tanning Beds (April 24, 2007)
New Birth Control Pill Would Eliminate Menstruation (April 20, 2007)
Study Links Adult Dose Aspirin To Moderate Drop In Cancer Risk (April 20, 2007)
Omega-3 Fatty Acid May Help Prevent Alzheimer's Brain Lesions (April 19, 2007)
Drug Dispensing Tooth Could Be Controlled By Cell Phone (April 19, 2007)
Indian Herbal Remedy Offers Hope In Pancreatic Cancer (April 18, 2007)
New Study Shows Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half (April 17, 2007)
Researchers Explain Effect of Broccoli, Soy On Cancer Cells (April 16, 2007)
New Research Sheds Light on Cancer Tumor Survival During Radiation Therapy (April 14, 2007)
Study: 'Stress Causes Cancer Cells To Resist Treatment' (April 11, 2007)
Risky Experimental Treatment Provides Some Hope For Type I Diabetes (April 10, 2007)
Discovery Of Natural Tumor Suppressor Variants Could Lead to New Therapies For Diabetes, Heart Disease (April 9, 2007)
New Drugs Bring Breakthrough In Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes (April 9, 2007)
Research Shows Mechanism For Arresting Tumor Growth (April 2, 2007)
British Researchers Grow Human Heart Valve From Stem Cells (April 2, 2007)
U.S. Company Formed For Individualized Cancer Treatment (March 28, 2007)
Dietary Patterns Linked to Type 2 Diabetes Risk (March 22, 2007)
Patient Enrollment Initiated for Phase II Study With New Endothelin Receptor Antagonist For Resistant Hypertension (March 22, 2007)
'Glow In The Dark Mosquitoes' Fight Malaria (March 21, 2007)
Oral Insulin Crystals Could Delay Or Prevent Diabetes In Children (March 20, 2007)
Blood Pressure Drug Shows Potential In Lung Cancer Treatment (March 17, 2007)
Could 'PlayStation 3' Actually Help Cure Cancer? (March 16, 2007)
Promising New Anti-cancer Treatment Approved For HER2-Positive Breast Cancer (March 14, 2007)
Scientists Discover 'Natural Barrier' to HIV (March 7, 2007)
Mouse Party (March 6, 2007)
Scientists Report A Breath Test To Detect Lung Cancer (February 27, 2007)
Pregnancy Hormone Thought To Be Key To Repairing Nerve Cell Damage In MS And Other Neurological Disorders (February 21, 2007)
Toxin From Sea Creature Could Lead To Promising Cancer Treatment (February 7, 2007)
Brain's Reward Circuit Activity Ebbs And Flows With A Woman's Hormonal Cycle (February 5, 2007)
Promising Genetic Test for Non-small-cell Lung Cancer (January 5, 2007)
Profiling Of Cancer Genes May Lead To Better And Earlier Detection (December 27, 2006)
Chemo Drugs Linked to Brain Damage (December 6, 2006)
Second Study Confirms Diabetes Drug Rimonabant Controls Blood Sugar And Body Weight (December 5, 2006)
New Blood Test Detects Lung Cancer (October 2, 2006)
Gene Found That Helps Fight MS (October 2, 2006)
Scientists Complete Murine Brain Map (September 27, 2006)
'Alimta Information For Patients' - A Useful Guide For Patients With Lung Cancer (September 26, 2006)
Test predicts chemotherapy benefit for lung cancer (September 7, 2006)
Soy Extract Helps Some Prostate Cancer Patients (September 4, 2006)
Gene Therapy Halts Two Cases Of Melanoma (September 1, 2006)
New Compound Causes Cancer Cell Suicide (August 28, 2006)
Three Treatments Remove Precancerous Skin Growths - And Also Slow Skin Cancer (August 23, 2006)
Why Bogus Therapies Seem to Work (August 22, 2006)
Technique for multiplying adult stem cells developed (August 18, 2006)
Gene Silencer Helps Shut Down Ovarian Cancer (August 18, 2006)
War paint plant 'tackles cancer' (August 14, 2006)
Blood Test Offers Hope In Detection Of Breast Cancer (August 4, 2006)
Chinese Medicine May Help Type II Diabetes Fight (July 31, 2006)
Scorpion Venom May Help Patients With Malignant Brain Tumors (July 29, 2006)
Socio-economic Status Linked To Aging (July 20, 2006)
Can Diabetes Meds Fight Alzheimer's? (July 17, 2006)
'Lab-made sperm' fertility hope? (July 11, 2006)
Scientists Learn How Hospital Bug Evades Attack (June 26, 2006)
Stem Cell Treatment Allowing Brain To 'Heal Itself' May Help Stroke Victims (June 25, 2006)
New Stem-cell Findings Can Help The Body To Cure Itself (June 16, 2006)
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Wins U.S. Approval (June 8, 2006)
'Flood' Of New Cancer Drugs To Soon Hit Market (June 5, 2006)
New Drug Expected To Extend Lives Of Women With Advanced Breast Cancer. (June 3, 2006)
MIT Researcher Creates `Seeing Machine` - Let's Blind See (May 24, 2006)
Blood Pressure Drugs Associated With Reduced Risk Of Esophageal, Pancreatic And Colon Cancers (May 24, 2006)
Robot carries out operation by itself (May 18, 2006)
Study findings should help tailor chemotherapy for breast cancer patients (May 18, 2006)
New Findings Strengthen 'RNA Interference' Technology In Fight Against Cancer (May 15, 2006)
Breath Of Life: A New Diagnostic Technique (May 13, 2006)
University Closed By Brain Tumor Incidences (May 12, 2006)
Cancer Resistance Found to Be Transferable in Mice (May 9, 2006)
Tap Water May Raise Bladder Cancer Risk In Men (May 5, 2006)
Garlic, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and Ginger Require Caution With Coumadin (May 1, 2006)
New Insight Into 'Highway' For Cancer Spread (April 26, 2006)
'Lasting cough, Breathlessness' Could Indicate Lung Cancer (April 24, 2006)
Evista As Good As Tamoxifen For Breast Cancer (April 18, 2006)
Vitamin C Shots For Cancer? (April 10, 2006)
Ginger and pepper - anticancer therapy of the future? (April 5, 2006)
Lab-grown Bladder An Important Step In Replacing Diseased Tissues And Organs (April 3, 2006)
Diabetes limb loss 'unnecessary' (March 28, 2006)
Reports of Disturbing Hallucinations Deepen ADHD Drug Debate (March 23, 2006)
Depo Provera may up diabetes risk (March 23, 2006)
The Angel Lai Story: From Deaths's Door To A Normal Four-year-old (March 21, 2006)
Breast asymmetry linked to cancer (March 20, 2006)
2 More Women Die After Taking Abortion Pill (March 20, 2006)
Scientists restore sight in blind hamsters (March 15, 2006)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Against Inflammation And Bone Loss (March 14, 2006)
The First Clinical Test For Saliva-Based Oral Cancer Detection: Ready Now (March 9, 2006)
Coffee-Gene Interaction Raises Heart Attack Risk (March 8, 2006)
Newly Discovered Killer Cell Fights Cancer (March 3, 2006)
Study Says Tequin Could Produce Diabetes (March 2, 2006)
Scented Underarm Antiperspirants May Increase Breast Cancer Risk (March 1, 2006)
'Virus Chip' Detects New Virus In Prostate Tumors (February 28, 2006)
Diabetes-related Complications On The Rise (February 27, 2006)
Scientists Hunting Early Signs Of Cancer To Improve Outcome (February 27, 2006)
Cancer Promoting Protein Shows Up In Unexpected Place In The Cell (February 22, 2006)
Glaxo cervical cancer shot shows 4-year benefits (February 22, 2006)
Turning point in cancer war? (February 21, 2006)
'Seaweed Bubbles' May Help Fight Diabetes (February 21, 2006)
Birth Control Patch - Is it safe? (February 20, 2006)
Aspirin Derivative Found To Help Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer (February 17, 2006)
Impact of Shotgun Blast the Likely Trigger for Heart Symptoms in Cheney Victim (February 16, 2006)
Drug Extends Head and Neck Cancer Survival (February 10, 2006)
New Advice Offers Hope In Bladder Cancer Treatment (February 1, 2006)
FDA Approves Stomach, Kidney Cancer Drug (January 26, 2006)
Scientists Find 'Unusual' Tumor-Suppressor Gene (January 19, 2006)
New Test Helps Spot Bladder Cancer (January 17, 2006)
Antibiotic To Protect Against Premature Delivery - May Cause It (January 13, 2006)
Can dogs smell cancer? (January 5, 2006)
Cancer Researchers Describe 'Suicide Gene' That Can Halt Metastasis In Some Cancers (January 4, 2006)
Molecular Link Between Diet, Type 2 Diabetes Discovered (January 3, 2006)
High Antioxidant Diet May Delay Age-Related Macular Degeneration (December 29, 2005)
Avian Flu Deaths Linked to Tamiflu Resistance (December 21, 2005)
Artificial Light At Night Stimulates Breast Cancer Growth In Laboratory Mice (Updated with links) (December 20, 2005)
New Generation Of CT Medical Scanners Put X-ray Images In The Shade (December 15, 2005)
Shocking Away Melanoma (December 4, 2005)
Cancer detection a spin-off of war on terror technology (November 28, 2005)
New clues to the dark side of the p53 protein - a key anti-tumor guardian (November 25, 2005)
Therapeutic Role Of Melatonin In Cancer Worthy Of Study (November 23, 2005)
Gene therapy curbs pancreatic cancer (November 16, 2005)
'IMRT Sensors' - a smart dose of medicine for cancer treatment (November 8, 2005)
Common viruses may cause cancer (November 7, 2005)
Anti-aging Hormone Reduces Reactive Oxygen Species (November 3, 2005)
Vitamin D Could Play a Role in Preventing Prostate Cancer (November 1, 2005)
Brain Images Reveal Menstrual Cycle Patterns (October 31, 2005)
Cancer cell communication exposed (October 31, 2005)
Eating Cabbage May Ward Off Lung Cancer (October 28, 2005)
Virgin olive oil blocks cancer cells in lab (October 26, 2005)
Scientists Say Viagra Is Good For The Heart (October 24, 2005)
High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet May Help Alzheimer's (October 24, 2005)
'Herceptin' Hailed as Major Advance in Treating Aggressive Breast Cancer (October 20, 2005)
Test For Protein Biomarker Spots Severe Prostate Cancer (October 18, 2005)
Stroke risks linked to blood pressure drugs (October 17, 2005)
Enzyme complex thought to promote cancer development can also help prevent it (October 13, 2005)
Fungi 'antibiotics' for superbugs (October 13, 2005)
Double trouble: Cells with duplicate genomes can trigger tumors (October 13, 2005)
Seaweed from Fiji Yields New Molecular Structures with Pharmaceutical Potential (October 12, 2005)
Hormonal Therapy Added to Radiation Improves Prostate Cancer Outlook (October 7, 2005)
1918 killer flu secrets revealed (October 6, 2005)
Fewer Americans dying of cancer, more American women getting cancer (October 5, 2005)
Can Pomegranates Prevent Prostate Cancer? A New Study Offers Promise (October 3, 2005)
Diabetes Test Fails Miserably (September 30, 2005)
Stem cells seem to rejuvenate failing hearts. The trouble is, doctors still don't understand how. (September 29, 2005)
Is the Aids virus weakening? (September 28, 2005)
Protein Gives Bald Mice Luxurious Locks (of hair) (September 27, 2005)
Scientists Find That Nanowires Can Detect Molecular Signs Of Cancer (September 23, 2005)
Scotland: NEW lung cancer drug extends survival (September 23, 2005)
Researchers Identify New Target In Fight Against Obesity (September 22, 2005)
Green Tea For Alzheimer's? (September 21, 2005)
Genetic Research Uncovers New Breast Cancer Target (September 20, 2005)
Skin Patch Eases Early and Late Parkinson's Symptoms (September 20, 2005)
It's High Blood Pressure That Triggers Heart Disease in Obese (September 14, 2005)
Chicken Eggs Made to Produce Human Antibodies (September 13, 2005)
Genetic Analysis Suggests Human Brain Is a Work-in-Progress (September 12, 2005)
Cancer Benefit Seen for Popular Diabetes Drug (September 12, 2005)
High Daily Stress Equals Lower Breast Cancer Rate (September 10, 2005)
Drug may help protect kidneys of type II diabetics (September 8, 2005)
British Expert Says 'Benefits of stem cell research oversold' (September 5, 2005)
New Lnk Between Stem Cells And Tumors (September 5, 2005)
Omega-6 fatty acids cause prostate tumor cell growth in culture (September 2, 2005)
Researchers Find Chemotherapy and Radiation Together May Be Better for Patients with Locally Advanced Lung Cancer (September 1, 2005)
Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Poses Major Public Health Threat (August 31, 2005)
Study: Lifestyle Changes May Reverse Prostate Cancer (August 24, 2005)
Study Finds Placebo Effect Has Scientific Basis (August 23, 2005)
Clinical trials improving long odds of surviving lung cancer (August 22, 2005)
Researchers make 'embryonic-like' stem cells from umbilical cord blood (August 18, 2005)
On That RU-486 Matter (August 18, 2005)
Gene is found affecting the aging process (August 17, 2005)
Good news for the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy (August 16, 2005)
Lifestyle change can slow prostate cancer (August 15, 2005)
Green Tea Inhibits Invasive Behavior of Breast Cancer Cells. (August 12, 2005)
Scientists Develop Powerful 'Stealth' Anti-Cancer Drugs With Ability To 'Sneak Into Tumors' (August 11, 2005)
Scientist Says That Cells Direct Membrane Traffic By Channel Width (August 11, 2005)
Researchers discover new tumor defense system (August 10, 2005)
Firefly protein lets researchers monitor molecule linked to cancer (August 9, 2005)
Heart drug becomes cancer killer (August 8, 2005)
Better Body Scan for Cancer (August 8, 2005)
Malaria mechanism revealed (August 3, 2005)
Your Body Is Younger Than You Think (August 2, 2005)
Nanoparticles Pass Muster as Vectors for Gene Therapy (August 1, 2005)
UN Agency Confirms Pill, HRT Cancer Connection (August 1, 2005)
Size Matters - at least to our immune system (August 1, 2005)
Researchers create working brain cells (July 28, 2005)
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Are Curing Patients (July 27, 2005)
Chemotherapy 'Bomb' Developed in Cancer War (July 27, 2005)
Stem-Cell Study May Point to Cure for Heart Attacks (July 26, 2005)
Study Finds Stressed-Out Worms Die Young (July 26, 2005)
Laparoscopic Liver Surgery opens the door to less invasive surgury for cancer patients (July 25, 2005)
'Achilles' heel' of the herpes virus possibly found (July 25, 2005)
Cord blood may become source of stem cells (July 21, 2005)
Benign Breast Lumps Linked To Cancer (July 21, 2005)
Lizard Saliva Helps Diabetes Patients Control Weight (July 20, 2005)
Molecular Link Found Between Obesity And Diabetes (July 20, 2005)
Pregnant women warned of vitamin A risk to fetuses (July 19, 2005)
Compound from Chinese medicine shows promise in head and neck cancer (July 18, 2005)
Adding Trastuzumab to Docetaxel Improves Survival in Metastatic Breast Cancer (July 17, 2005)
T cell 'traffic control' boosts drug hope (July 17, 2005)
Pain-killing patches linked with deaths (July 16, 2005)
Study Suggests That Alzheimer's Damage May Be Reversible (July 15, 2005)
Biologists See Combined Structure Of Cold Virus And Receptor Molecule (July 14, 2005)
Brain-boost drugs could become as common as a cup of coffee (July 13, 2005)
Researchers Discover How Tumor Suppressor Gene Works (July 12, 2005)
High-power electromagnetic beams: A boom for cancer and osteoarthritis patients? (July 11, 2005)
Curry Spice Shuts Down Melanoma (July 11, 2005)
Sex Hormone Levels not Linked to Libido in Women (July 6, 2005)
'Talking' chemical may signal hostile cancer (July 5, 2005)
Musicians' Brains Permanently Rewired (June 29, 2005)
Cancer related gene p53 not regulated as indicated by previous tissue culture research (June 27, 2005)
Scientists successfully isolate stem cells from human skin (June 27, 2005)
Adult stem cells can multiply (June 26, 2005)
Faulty enzyme sparks Parkinson's disease (June 22, 2005)
AAV2 has great potential to be developed as an anti-cancer agent (June 22, 2005)
Fish may help prevent heart failure as well as heart attacks (June 21, 2005)
A Better Whitener And Stem Cells From Teeth? (June 18, 2005)
Specific genetic linkages to bipolar disorder (June 17, 2005)
US scientists find "mother of all brain stem cells" (June 14, 2005)
Nitric Oxide Finding May Yield Better Cancer Treatments and Blood Substitutes (June 13, 2005)
Research Points to New Genetic Method of Diagnosing Cancer (June 10, 2005)
Fish oil hope for breast cancer (June 9, 2005)
Key genes predict cancer outcome (June 7, 2005)
Stem Cells from Fetuses Aborted In Russia Used to Treat Heart Disease (June 7, 2005)
Stem Cell Advances May Make Moral Issue Moot (June 6, 2005)
The Wonder of Garlic: "New natural extract for treating MRSA" (June 6, 2005)
Regular Ibuprofen Use Associated with Risk of Breast Cancer (June 5, 2005)
Percentage of Positive Lymph Nodes Prognostic in T1-T2 Breast Cancer (June 5, 2005)
Caffeine May Reduce Nocturnal Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes (June 5, 2005)
New Device Sniffs Out Lung Cancer (June 5, 2005)
Cultural differences in stem cell research (June 4, 2005)
Antitumor Effect of a Combination of Lysine, Proline, Arginine, Ascorbic Acid, and Green Tea Extract on Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line MIA PaCa-2. (June 2, 2005)
Drugs reduce breast cancer deaths (June 2, 2005)
Harmful Chemicals May Reprogram Gene Response To Estrogen (June 1, 2005)
Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Ignored by Media and Politicians (June 1, 2005)
Doctor-supervised exercise as effective as insulin in controlling type 2 diabetes (May 29, 2005)
Antibiotic Minocycline May Prevent Blindness in Diabetes (May 29, 2005)
Protein Deficiency Seen in Neurons Born in Adulthood and Those Affected by Diseases such as Alzheimer's (May 29, 2005)
PET/CT Can Identify New Cancer Lesions At Early Stage, Allowing For Prompt Treatment (May 28, 2005)
Natural Enzyme Helps Mice Live Longer in Study (May 27, 2005)
Tiny fluorescent crystals barely visible to the human eye that could revolutionise cancer diagnosis (May 27, 2005)
Estimation of radiation-induced cancer from three-dimensional dose distributions: Concept of organ equivalent dose. (May 25, 2005)
Inhaled IL-2 Improves Five-Year Survival for Advanced Renal Cancer (May 25, 2005)
Scientists observe infectious prion proteins invade and move within brain cells (May 25, 2005)
Drug May Delay Premature Ejaculation (May 24, 2005)
Obesity Is Risk Factor For Aggressive Prostate Cancer (May 23, 2005)
Men with spouses do better after prostate treatment (May 23, 2005)
While On Trail Of Dioxin, Scientists Pinpoint Cancer Target Of Green Tea (May 20, 2005)
Modified Liver Cells Keep Diabetes under Control (May 19, 2005)
Low-Fat Diet May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse In Post Menopausal Women With Estrogen Receptor Negative Disease (May 17, 2005)
Failed Lung Cancer Drug Could Help Shrink Breast Tumors (May 17, 2005)
Role of pentoxifylline and vitamin E in attenuation of radiation-induced fibrosis. (May 12, 2005)
Alzheimer's Progress: Statins and a Vaccine (May 12, 2005)
A "Hidden" Biomarker in Prostate Cancer Cells - Researchers Find Way to Shake Loose (May 12, 2005)
Researchers Uncover Mechanisms Leading to Type I Diabetes (May 11, 2005)
Can Radio Waves Treat Cancer? Check Out The Cancer Zapper (May 10, 2005)
New Blood Test Could Detect Ovarian Cancer (May 10, 2005)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Reduce Atrial Fibrillation in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft and Pacemaker Patients (May 9, 2005)
Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation therapy for Lung Cancer: a Brief Discussion of Potential Side Effects and Management (May 9, 2005)
Alternative Advances: Brain Food for Autism (May 9, 2005)
The Future of Family Medicine (May 8, 2005)
Researchers extend mouse lifespan by protecting against free radicals (May 6, 2005)
Menopause delay 'a possibility' (May 5, 2005)
Scientists Find Key Player in Cancer's Spread (May 5, 2005)
Alzheimer's Cognitive Decline Slowed In Gene Therapy Patients (May 4, 2005)
OB/GYN Panel Reviewing Alaska Abortion Web Site Agrees To Include Material on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Fetal Pain (May 4, 2005)
Adult Stem Cells Restore Eyesight (May 3, 2005)
Unexpected lock and key mechanism found for the assembly of tumor blood vessels (May 3, 2005)
Study Shows Natural Glucose Byproduct May Prevent Brain Damage And Cognitive Impairment After Diabetic Coma (May 3, 2005)
Heat, Radiation Combo Strikes Strong Blow Against Tumors (May 2, 2005)
Prevention Key to Victory in Cancer War (May 1, 2005)
The Very Slippery Slope of Human-Animal Hybrids (April 30, 2005)
West Bank Terrorists Have Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Anti-Tank Rockets (April 27, 2005)
Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment (April 27, 2005)
Brain Stem Cells Coaxed to Produce Insulin (April 26, 2005)
Landmark Finding In Mice May Lead To New Approaches For Cancer And Trauma Care In Human (April 26, 2005)
New technology unveiled for breast cancer (April 25, 2005)
Diabetes Drug May Be Effective Against Some Cancers (April 22, 2005)
Hi-tech probe promises instant test results for cervical cancer (April 21, 2005)
Researchers find that chocolate compound stops cancer cell cycle in lab experiments (April 18, 2005)
MR spectroscopy may be superior for determining prostate cancer prognosis (April 15, 2005)
Korean Scientists Find Way to Suppress Spread of Cancer (April 15, 2005)
A Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes (April 14, 2005)
'Nanoshells' simultaneously detect and destroy cancerous cells (April 13, 2005)
Laser beams sort stem cells and cancer cells by springiness (April 12, 2005)
Thermoradiotherapy of the chest wall in locally advanced or recurrent breast cancer with marginal resection (April 11, 2005)
NCI Researchers Confirm the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy Approach to Treating Melanoma (April 7, 2005)
Urine hyaluronidase RNA shows promise in detecting bladder carcinoma (April 6, 2005)
Angiogenesis, Tumors, and Lymph Nodes: VEGF-A may help tumors prepare the way for spread to lymph nodes (April 5, 2005)
Gastric Cancer: Caused by Chronic Inflammation - A Case Of Too Little Or Too Much Stomach Acid (April 4, 2005)
Patients exposed to high radiation levels (April 4, 2005)
Scientists identify novel regulator of telomere homeostasis (April 4, 2005)
Prospective, Multicenter Lung Cancer Trial Shows Heat Directly Kills Tumors In 93 Percent of Cases (April 3, 2005)
Hope for new arthritis treatment (April 3, 2005)
Rapamycin Analog Boosts Cisplatin's Antitumor Effectiveness (April 1, 2005)
Brain chip reads man's thoughts (April 1, 2005)
Special MRI Offers Quick Assessment of Brain Cancer Therapy (March 30, 2005)
Strawberries destroy cancer cells (March 28, 2005)
Progress in Brain Tumor Therapy (March 22, 2005)
Protein key to skin cancer spread (March 20, 2005)
Yale scientists find microRNA regulates Ras cancer gene (March 19, 2005)
Temodar Approved for Glioblastoma Multiforme, USA (March 17, 2005)
New Cancer Drug May Block Tumor Growth (March 15, 2005)
Scientists have identified a key network that prevents damage by oxygen radicals (March 10, 2005)
UK Achieves Diabetes Cure with Islet Cell Transplant (March 10, 2005)
Biochemists report discovery of structure of major piece of telomerase; implications for cancer (March 10, 2005)
General Assembly approves declaration banning all forms of cloning (March 9, 2005)
Early Cancer Detection is Treatment of the Future: The emerging field of nanotechnology in cancer (March 7, 2005)
'Hot' treatment option for cancer (March 6, 2005)
Overexpression of Hypoxia-inducible Factor 1{alpha} in Common Human Cancers and Their Metastases (March 4, 2005)
Tiny flies could lead to understanding potential for non-embryonic stem cells (March 1, 2005)
Cesarean delivery is associated with an increased risk of childhood asthma hospitalization in premature infants (February 24, 2005)
Probable trigger of kidney disease in diabetics identified (February 24, 2005)
Stem cell researchers make gains in removing mouse molecules (February 18, 2005)
Inherited gene may increase risk for prostate cancer by 50% (February 17, 2005)
Open Source Biotechnology (February 15, 2005)
Hope of saliva tests for cancers (February 15, 2005)
Poor cell memory is key to cancer (February 14, 2005)
Beginning of the End for Embryonic Stem Cell Research? (February 12, 2005)
'Urine test' for cervical cancer (February 12, 2005)
Q&A: Therapeutic cloning (February 8, 2005)
Vaccine hopes for blood cancers (February 6, 2005)
Stroke warning on aspirin therapy (February 5, 2005)
Clonally expanded novel multipotent stem cells from human bone marrow regenerate myocardium after myocardial infarction. (February 4, 2005)
Effective Cancer Treatments Follow the Clock (February 4, 2005)
Alzheimer brain damage 'reversed' (January 22, 2005)
Sex hormones modulate brain damage in multiple sclerosis (January 17, 2005)
New theory challenges current view of how brain stores long-term memory (January 15, 2005)
Smokers have higher COX-2 levels (January 15, 2005)
Diabetes, High Glucose Levels Linked to Cancer in Korean Study (January 11, 2005)
Progress toward gene therapy in AIDS: Researchers find monkey gene linked to blocking AIDS (January 11, 2005)
Cancer, P53, and apoptosis - Meet Bruce (January 11, 2005)
Avian influenza continues: Is their a tsunami of avian influenza brewing? (January 10, 2005)
Protein linked to heart disease (January 9, 2005)
Curries may prevent Alzheimers (January 5, 2005)
Israeli Researchers Make Progress in Fighting Prostate Cancer (January 5, 2005)
Obesity linked to kidney cancer (January 3, 2005)
Avian influenza - situation in Viet Nam (January 2, 2005)
Chickens in Vietnam's northern region die of bird flu (December 31, 2004)
Dog genome boosts cancer research (December 31, 2004)
Detailed Pregnancy timeline keyed to events and baby's condition (December 26, 2004)
Evidence suggests that changes in the bacteria and fungi in the gastrointestinal tract can intensify the immune system's reaction to common allergens (December 23, 2004)
Yuschenko's Disease: Medblogger suggests a tale of two poisons. (December 23, 2004)
Infection link to heart attacks (December 23, 2004)
Increasing Orgasm and Decreasing Dyspareunia by a Manual Physical Therapy Technique (December 21, 2004)
Study shows that stem cells use inflammatory signals to find injured tissue (December 20, 2004)
Study models impact of anthrax vaccine (December 20, 2004)
Foreigners killed in Mosul ambush (December 18, 2004)
'Nano-needle' operates on cell (December 17, 2004)
Major step forwards for vaccine against cervical cancer (December 16, 2004)
Who let the dogs out? (December 15, 2004)
Impact of plasmacytoid dendritic cells on outcome after reduced-intensity conditioning allogeneic stem cell transplantation (December 14, 2004)
Top Ten Reasons Why This Weekend's Yushchenko Diagnosis is a Fraud (December 13, 2004)
Yuschenko and Dioxin - yes, no, maybe, who knows? (December 13, 2004)
What are dioxins? Why the concern? (December 12, 2004)
Bacterial Threat - Schools take Precautions Against MRSA (December 7, 2004)
Study On Dogs Yields Hope In Human Paralysis Treatment (December 6, 2004)
Haploidentical natural killer cells may provide hope for some patients with AML (December 6, 2004)
Eating Red Meat Doubles Chances Of Developing Rheumatoid Arthritis (December 6, 2004)
Even at Low Levels, Benzene Takes Toll on White Blood Cells (December 5, 2004)
Taking Glucocorticoids by Prescription Is Associated with Subsequent Cardiovascular Disease (December 3, 2004)
How Virus That Causes AIDS Spreads Following Oral Exposure (December 3, 2004)
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