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Topic: Israel

Obama's State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel's 'right to exist' (April 4, 2015)
Senior Israeli Minister on Obama Regime: "U.S. Foreign Policy Is Collapsing All Over The World ... Israel Can No Longer Rely On America" (March 22, 2014)
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Loons, Propagandists, or Both? 'Hamas Accuses The Evil Joooz of Planning 'Earthquake Attack' To Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque (December 13, 2013)
Richard Dawkins on the High Number of Jewish Nobel Prize Winners Compared To Muslims (November 7, 2013)
Lacking Trust in Obama, Israel and the Gulf States Are Quietly Drawing Closer Together (October 24, 2013)
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PM Netanyahu Comments Following Security Consultations (August 27, 2013)
U.S. pressures Israel to restart "peace" talks by freeing 26 "Palestinians" who were all involved in killing Israelis (August 14, 2013)
IDF Tea Time With Hezbollah (Video) (August 13, 2013)
Re: 'Abbas: "In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli -- civilian or soldier -- on our lands" (July 30, 2013)
Spot-on new Super PAC ad features Bibi Netanyahu: "We need American strength NOT apologies" (September 20, 2012)
Obama Appoints Radical Anti-Israel Advocate To Genocide Prevention Board (September 10, 2012)
The Obama Doctrine - Turning His Back on Israel (September 6, 2012)
'Anti-Israel' Democratic Party Strips Out Pro-Israel Language From Platform (Updated - God and Civil liberties stripped as well) (September 4, 2012)
(Revealing Video) 'Barack Obama - The Anti-Israel President' (August 13, 2012)
Must-watch Video: Obama - The Anti-Israel President (December 2, 2011)
Forget About Missing Bush, Are You Missing Mubarak Yet? (September 1, 2011)
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Our 'Pro-Palestinian-in-Chief' (May 26, 2011)
Painful Honesty about the Holy Land, and a New Path to Peace (May 26, 2011)
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Tensions rising in Israel as Hezbollah's leader calls for "Holy warriors of the Islamic Resistance" to prepare to invade Israel (February 17, 2011)