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'Islam day' in Hawaii? (May 7, 2009)
Brits banned Dutch MP Wilder but welcome Hezbollah jihadist (March 12, 2009)
CNA: 'U.N. commission meeting promotes radicalism, criticizes Catholicism' (March 9, 2009)
Jihad Watch: 'Catholic church slams new teaching code which would force Christian schools to actively promote Islam' (March 2, 2009)
Spain: Polemic in Morocco due to Mohammed's images in a Spanish textbook (February 26, 2009)
Gordon Brown wants UK to be the international financial center for Sharia products (February 16, 2009)
Dhimitude on steroids: Girl banned from wearing Christian chastity ring in English school (December 5, 2008)
Zapatero in Turkey (September 17, 2008)
Muslim Writer: 'You Still Can't Write About Muhammad' (August 6, 2008)
Dhimmitude 101: Tyson Foods in Tennessee Replaces Labor Day with Eid al-Fitr (August 4, 2008)
Report: Maryland Textbooks on Islamic Teachings Dumbed Down For Political Correctness (influenced by Muslim "screeners") (June 8, 2008)
al-Guardian sees values of a free society as best defended by 'an unending accommodation of Islamic neurosis and supremacist posturing' (June 5, 2008)
Internet Warrior Rallies Women to Support Al Qaeda (May 27, 2008)
Political Correctness Run Amuck: 'See no jihad, hear no jihad, speak no jihad' (May 13, 2008)
History Books In U.S. Public Schools Promoting Islam (May 11, 2008)
Who is 'G' - al Qaeda's Man in London? (April 26, 2008)
'Extreme Dhimmitude' - Defined (April 2, 2008)
"Discussing Sharia here is an insult to our religion" (March 27, 2008)
If you critisize Islam, you should be sued (March 25, 2008)
Network Solutions Refuses To Host 'Fitna' But Finds No Problem In Hosting A Multitude Of Radical Islamic Websites Associated With Terrorist Groups (March 25, 2008)
Network Solutions Bows Down To Islamists - Refuses To Host 'Fitna' (March 24, 2008)
Dutch Establishment Threatens to Prosecute Wilders and Claim Damages Over Film Critical Of Islam (March 13, 2008)
No Terrorist Here - Just Move Along .... (March 10, 2008)
Minnesota Taxpayers Paying For Madrassa (March 9, 2008)
On Western Government's Partitioning the World for Islam (March 7, 2008)
Islamist 'Mole' Continues To Be Allowed To Be Well Placed In Pentagon (February 2, 2008)
Honor killings to begin 2008 (January 9, 2008)
UN: 'Don't Criticize Islam' (January 3, 2008)
Dhimmitude Alert : ''Mosque' uncovered on college campus' (December 17, 2007)
Saying that 'Radical Islam wants us dead' is a truism and denying it is societal suicide. (December 6, 2007)
Hague Museum To Not Show Art Because It 'May Offend Muslims' (December 3, 2007)
"Why are the Muslim authors of the phony anti-Islamofascism flyer afraid of the having these issues discussed by the George Washington University community during Islamo Fascism Awareness Week? (Updated) (October 10, 2007)
Are Islamists Worse than Other Terror Groups? (October 10, 2007)
Dhimmitude 101: Islamotards Give It The Ole College Try, And A Leftist Administration Supports Them (October 9, 2007)
Iranian students attack 'fascist Ahmadinejad' ? (October 9, 2007)
Al Qaeda calls for the cleansing of French and Spanish nationals from Maghreb (September 22, 2007)
Spanish Muslims' website defends Iranian right to have nukes (September 22, 2007)
On 'Love-bombing' al-Qaeda Into Submission (September 13, 2007)
China's influence spreading and Brian de Palma's new film (September 3, 2007)
To Know The Terrorist Mind, Just Check Out Our Own Headlines (August 30, 2007)
Media Goes Dhimmi Over 'Toon" (August 27, 2007)
Justice Department Sleeps With The Enemy (August 27, 2007)
Hollywood's War Against The CIA (August 13, 2007)
Brits Fold To Hamas (August 13, 2007)
Flight 93 Update: Memorial 'Memorializes' Faith Of Victims' Killers (August 8, 2007)
You Can Burn Our Flag And Piss On Christ, But You Can't Mistreat The Koran (August 6, 2007)
How Is It That Pissing On Christ Is Okay, But Dunking Koran In Toilet Is A Hate Crime ? (July 30, 2007)
Disturbing: San Diego School OKs Muslim Prayer; Sharia Law (July 20, 2007)
Interpol: UK's Anti-Terrorist Effort 'In The Wrong Century' (July 9, 2007)
Muslim Headscarves Are In. Christian Purity Rngs Are Out. (June 24, 2007)
Bush Weighs 'Reaching Out' to Muslim Brotherhood (June 20, 2007)
ACLU Wants YOU To Pay For Islamic Footbaths (June 18, 2007)
'The Hills Of Rural Virginia Are Alive With The Sound Of Jihad' (May 31, 2007)
The Islamist Threat Arrives in Switzerland (May 30, 2007)
Incredible Dhimmitude: Members Of Congress Meet With Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood's Parliamentary Bloc In Egypt (May 27, 2007)
Vagina Warriors Avert Their Eyes (May 27, 2007)
Jaw-dropping Incompetence At Homeland Security: 'Mosques Awarded Homeland Security Grants' (May 25, 2007)
Christopher Hitchens: How did a nation move from cricket and fish-and-chips to burkas and shoe-bombers in a single generation? (May 22, 2007)
Seattle Dhimmitude Watch (May 19, 2007)
The Subjection Of Islamic Women And The Fecklessness Of American Feminism (May 16, 2007)
UK Caves In To Islamists, Again: 'Crown Jewels' Will Not Be Going To Iraq (May 16, 2007)
Dennis Miller On Fort Dix And Dhimmitude: 'Enough Already' (May 11, 2007)
Is George Mason University Becoming Muslim U? (May 11, 2007)
Something Is Very Rotten At CNN (May 10, 2007)
"MSM PC-Speak" - A Slippery Road Down Our Way To Perdition (May 8, 2007)
Thai Government Proposes Amnesty for Islamic jihadists (May 2, 2007)
Tied With Democrats as Disgrace of the Year (May 2, 2007)
Canada's Onrushing Dhimmification, The CanAmerMex Superstate, And Globalizing Labor Unions (April 28, 2007)
How the Media Partnered With Hezbollah (April 25, 2007)
Investor's Business Daily On PBS' Homage To Islamism (April 24, 2007)
Beware Of Dangerous Ham Sandwiches? (Updated) (April 24, 2007)
Conf of Catholic Bishops Stands with Muslims Against Evil (April 23, 2007)
European Terror Alert Update (April 23, 2007)
The Dangerous Islamist Leftism Of Dhabah (Debbie) Almontaser And The Proposed Khalil Gibran School In Brooklyn (April 20, 2007)
Walid Phares: 'British Minister Fails the War of Ideas' (April 17, 2007)
Spanish Communist leader to convert to Islam? (April 17, 2007)
Taxpayer funded Jihad training in New York City (April 16, 2007)
Minnesota Installs Muslim-Only Sinks (April 15, 2007)
Dead British Soldiers Don't Get To Sell Their Stories (April 13, 2007)
Bacon Is A Hate Crime (April 12, 2007)
Islamist Dies From 'Bad Cabbage'? (April 10, 2007)
Should John Walker Lindh's Sentence Be Reduced? (April 10, 2007)
British Female Seaman Faye Turney Gives First $200K Interview (Video) (April 9, 2007)
The Changing Demographics In Europe And The Flight From Islam (April 5, 2007)
Dhimmitude In Belgium: Brussels Prosecutes Aramaic Priest For Islamophobia (April 2, 2007)
UK Teachers Drop Holocaust And Crusades 'To Avoid Offending Muslims' (April 1, 2007)
England's New War Motto: 'We Shall Not Fight' (April 1, 2007)
Where Do All The Loons Come From? (March 20, 2007)
On Controlling What Can Be Said About Islam And Jihad (March 12, 2007)
On Letting The Fox In The Henhouse: NJ Dem OK's CAIR To Meet In Capitol (March 12, 2007)
True Insanity At S.F. State: Students Facing Charges For 'Desecration of Allah' (March 10, 2007)
Is Multiculturalism to blame for Muslim extremism in Britain? What about America? (February 22, 2007)
Does Google-Owned YouTube Have A Different Standard For Anti-Islamist Videos? (February 11, 2007)
San Francisco 'Values'? (February 10, 2007)
For Jacques Chirac, Nuclear Iran Is No Problem At All (February 1, 2007)
Churches Across U.S. Adopting Disturbing New Fad - 'Intro To Islam' Classes (January 30, 2007)
The Anti-War Crowd Defined (January 28, 2007)
24 PC As Ever (January 28, 2007)
John Kerry - American Traitor (January 28, 2007)
On The West's Cowardess In The Face Of The Islamists: Henryk Broder's 'Hurray We're Capitulating' (January 26, 2007)
''24'' More PC BS Than Before (January 15, 2007)
Hello! Europe, Are You There? Or Are You Already Muffled In Your "Burqa" ??? (November 18, 2006)
More Anti-Israel Media Bias (November 15, 2006)
Purpose-Driven Terrorism -- Mega-church Pastor Visits Syria And Promises To Repeat Its Propaganda. (November 15, 2006)
CAIR's Congress (November 13, 2006)
Penn President Poses with "Suicide Bomber" (November 3, 2006)
The Truth About Muhammad: It could be anywhere (October 25, 2006)
Why Does This Man Still Have A Job With The State Department? (October 23, 2006)
On 'Islam's Useful Idiots' (October 23, 2006)
Terrorist's Lawyer Gets Wrist Slap (Updated) (October 16, 2006)
U.S. Government Agency Blocking Conservative Blogs (October 16, 2006)
MSM Finally Notices Online Jihad at YouTube, Google (October 6, 2006)
CNN Enlists CAIR To Attack Rep. Peter King (October 4, 2006)
Is 'You Tube' Managed By Jihadist-Supporting Leftist Dhimmis? (October 4, 2006)
CAIR Shuts Down Free Speech - Again (October 3, 2006)
Why Does The Left Support Islamist Fascism? (October 2, 2006)
Norwegian Blogger Describes "Political Correctness" Is More Important Than Life Itself: Echoes of Pelosi, Kennedy, Reid, Durbin, And Their Democratic Ilk?!?! (September 30, 2006)
Terrifying Revelations About Ourselves (September 28, 2006)
German Interior Minister: 'Opera Company's Decision To Cancel Idomeneo Is Crazy' (Updated) (September 27, 2006)
British Recommendations for Observing Ramadan Fast That Will 'Make You Want to Throw Up' (September 27, 2006)
Why Is A 'Piss Christ' Okay - But A 'Piss Muhammed' Is 'Too Offensive To Muslims' To Display ? (September 26, 2006)
Ohio Car Dealership Capitulates To Dhimmitude !!! (Breaking Update) (September 26, 2006)
Ludicrous Diversion - Here Comes the 7/7 Conspiracy Theorists (September 21, 2006)
About Those 'Head-in-the-Sand Liberals' (September 18, 2006)
On 'An Open Letter To Pope Benedict XVI' (September 18, 2006)
Lessons In Dhimmitude 101 - 'Latest al-Qaeda tape makes France a target" (September 15, 2006)
Dutch Minister Says Sharia OK (September 13, 2006)
New College Program Brings Thousands Of Saudis To U.S. (September 10, 2006)
European Elites Cowed by Radical Islamists (September 7, 2006)
Fox News Interviews ISNA Woman President - Fails To Divulge Organization's Dark Ties To Terrorism (August 30, 2006)
Hitchens Gives the Finger to Maher's Audience for 'Frivolous' Jeering of Bush (August 26, 2006)
On 'First They Came For the Jews - The Story of Yet Another World War' (August 24, 2006)
The Army That Only Goes Where It's Safe (August 18, 2006)
Britain Reports Universities Central to Terror Plot - So What About The Islamist Groups In The U.S. Universities ? (August 15, 2006)
Britain Looks To 'Why Us' (August 11, 2006)
Emails From A Terrorist Apologist/Sypathizer (July 27, 2006)
On Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe's Cities And Its Effect On Europes Reaction To Israel's Campaign Against Hezbollah (July 17, 2006)
Karen Armstrong: Islam's Hagiographer And Apologist Extraordinaire (July 12, 2006)
BBC Bans The Word - 'Dhimmi' (July 9, 2006)
Rice, Lavrov quarrel on Iraq (June 30, 2006)
Ontario Human Rights Commission Warns of 'Islamophobia' (June 30, 2006)
A sad day for America: Supreme Court sides with those trying to destroy us !!! (June 29, 2006)
America's Supreme Court Rules Against America's Efforts To Protect Americans From Gitmo Terrorists (June 29, 2006)
PC Dike is Breached (June 25, 2006)
Discrimination Against Christians In The UK (June 20, 2006)
'Hadji Girl' Action Alert (June 15, 2006)
More On The Twisted Reaction To Zarqawi's Death From The Left (June 9, 2006)
The Canadian Terrorists - From A 'Broad Strata Of Society'? (June 5, 2006)
Divestment roils Jewish-Presbyterian ties (May 19, 2006)
Code Pink Loons Get Down To Looniness (May 19, 2006)
AP 'Smitten With Ahmadinejad' - He Just Wants To Bond! (May 10, 2006)
'Allah' Takes Over Catholic Church In Belgium (May 8, 2006)
New York Times Loves Zarqawi (May 7, 2006)
Why No to Iraq But Yes To Sudan (May 4, 2006)
When Is A Terrorist A Terrorist (May 3, 2006)
'The Cartoon Wars Are Over' (April 26, 2006)
America's Congress For Sale (to the Saudis) (April 20, 2006)
Conservative Blogger Resigns Over a Mohammed Cartoon (April 15, 2006)
Pro-Life Display Vandalized at Northern Kentucky University (April 14, 2006)
Mock Yale Application Highlights 'Absurdity' of School Admitting Former Taliban Envoy (April 4, 2006)
Borders and Waldenbooks Cave In to Islamist Intimidation (March 30, 2006)
Unappreciative Christian Peacemakers Insult their Rescuers! (Updated) (March 23, 2006)
Harvard's Kennedy School - In Bed With The Islamists (March 20, 2006)
Editor Of University of Illinois' Student Newspaper Fired Over Mohammed Cartoons (March 15, 2006)
Burn The Churches But Spare The Mosques (March 14, 2006)
Things You Can't Read In The British Press (March 13, 2006)
Bringing 'Sanity' Into The Pacifist Equation (March 12, 2006)
Telegraph Self Censors Article Warning Of English Cities Controlled By Islamic Law (March 10, 2006)
University of Central Florida Funding Islamist Proselytizing Event (March 10, 2006)
On 'Soft Europe' (March 8, 2006)
Media Refusing To Report Radical Islamic Events (March 8, 2006)
Bennett and Dershowitz - Dhimmitude Of The Media (March 7, 2006)
Military Won't Let Troops In Afghanistan Fly American Flags (March 6, 2006)
University of Saskatchewan - Jesus Oral Sex Cartoon: Yes, Mohammed Cartoon: No (March 3, 2006)
EU to Muslims: We're so sorry. Please don't hurt us (March 2, 2006)
The Zogby/Le Moyne College's Center for Peace and Global Studies' Agenda Driven Polls (February 28, 2006)
Danish Consul in Grovels At The Feet Of Islamists: Europe Will Now Be More Careful! (February 28, 2006)
Spain Continues To Appease Muslims (February 28, 2006)
Anti-Dhimmitude In Action (February 23, 2006)
Germany Bows Down To Sharia - Convicts Man Of 'Insulting Islam' (February 23, 2006)
American Churches Give Propaganda Victory To The Evil Doers (February 20, 2006)
Helping To Loose The War On Terror: Cartoon Of Queer Jesus Kissing Muhammad Okay For Canadian Student Paper - But None Of Muhammad's Face. (February 20, 2006)
The Cartoon You Can't See In Russia (February 20, 2006)
Clinton in Pakistan: Convict cartoon publishers (February 18, 2006)
Italian Judges: 'Recruiting Suicide Bombers Not Terrorism (February 17, 2006)
Gore to Arabs: U.S. committed 'terrible abuses' against Arabs (February 13, 2006)
Swedish 'Mohammed Drawing Competition' Website Shut Down Under Pressure From Govt Officials (February 10, 2006)
New York Time Publishes Image Of Virgin Mary In Elephant Dung Instead Of Muhammad Cartoons (February 8, 2006)
Marching To Dhimmitude (February 4, 2006)
British Attempt To Counter Radical Islam With Slightly Less Radical Islam (January 31, 2006)
Egyptian Noble Laureate Turns Dhimmi - 'Capitulates To Jihadists' (January 29, 2006)
'Joel Stein Is A Dork' And A Moonbat (January 25, 2006)
Harry Belafonte on CNN (January 24, 2006)
Counter Attacking Iran's Fascism - While 'Yahoo Shills for the Ayatollahs of Iran' (January 20, 2006)
Jihad Watch's Fitzgerald: The New York Times gets it wrong -- again (January 10, 2006)
A 'Bill of Rights' For Terrorists (December 16, 2005)
Tampa Florida School In Community Known As Terror Hub Caves In To CAIR And Announces Day Off For Ramadan (December 15, 2005)
Islam stikes back (December 12, 2005)
Sarkozy becomes the rising star in France (November 19, 2005)
France: 'We Surrender' - And we are so sorry that we made you riot! (November 15, 2005)
Charles to target U.S. attitude toward Islam: Does he think we're as nutty as he is? (October 31, 2005)
The Problem with Democratic Politicians (October 27, 2005)
John Kerry Joins Senators Leahy and Kennedy in Call for Troop Withdrawal from Iraq (October 27, 2005)
Dhimmitude in the Marketplace: Now there's an 'Islamic' cell phone (October 26, 2005)
Anti-dhimmitude in Denmark: Muslim ambassadors will not get meeting over Muhammad cartoons (October 26, 2005)
Cowered By Muslim Group CAIR - HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY (FLORIDA) SCHOOL BOARD BANS CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS (And Good Friday And 'Easter' And Yom Kippur) - Updated (October 26, 2005)
Piglet-ism And The Dhimmi Mentality: Political Correctness Run-amuck (October 25, 2005)
Free Piglet! (October 25, 2005)
Britain Banks Ban Piggy Banks: They might 'offend UK Muslims' (October 24, 2005)
More Dhimmitude: 'No more "Christ" with a capital C in the Netherlands ' (Updated) (October 22, 2005)
Spain Rolls On In Continued Irrelevance (October 21, 2005)
On Spain's Irrelevance (October 19, 2005)
Editor arrested in Afghanistan (October 10, 2005)
Pig Ban Breeds Religious Tolerance (October 6, 2005)
Boeing and Bell Become 'Whipped' Dhimmis: Apologize to CAIR (October 1, 2005)
About That FDNY Muslim Moonbat Who Questions Whether The 19 (Muslim) Hijackers Were Responsible For 9/11 - Does his school have a connection to a 'charitable front' for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad? (UPDATED) (September 30, 2005)
Extremist on deportation list is linked to Islamic advice group (September 2, 2005)
More Al-Sheehan (September 1, 2005)
More Al-Sheehan (August 31, 2005)
Cindy Al-Sheehan And The Media (August 31, 2005)
Michele Malken: ISLAMISTS 1, TALK RADIO 0 (August 22, 2005)
Exercise In Dhimmitude: Symposium on Islamic terror resisted by Connecticut politicians, media, bank (August 17, 2005)
Dhimmitude at Virginia Tech: Classes segregated for Saudi students (August 10, 2005)
A 'Galloway Watch Update' (August 5, 2005)