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June 24, 2015

Read of the Day: Thomas Sowell on 'Hillary and History'

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So Hillary Rodham 'What Difference Does It Make' Clinton is running for president.

As Thomas Sowell aptly points out, in the most important job she has ever held -- Secretary of State -- American foreign policy has had one setback after another, punctuated by disasters ... and he warns of catastrophic consequences if she is elected president:

There are no offsetting foreign policy triumphs under Secretary of State Clinton. Syria, China and North Korea are other scenes of similar setbacks.

The fact that many people are still prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States, in times made incredibly dangerous by the foreign policy disasters on her watch as Secretary of State, raises painful questions about this country.

A President of the United States -- any president -- has the lives of more than 300 million Americans in his or her hands, and the future of Western civilization. If the debacles and disasters of the Obama administration have still not demonstrated the irresponsibility of choosing a president on the basis of demographic characteristics, it is hard to imagine what could.

With our enemies around the world arming while we are disarming, such self-indulgent choices for president can leave our children and grandchildren a future that will be grim, if not catastrophic.

Read the whole thing ...

Meanwhile I say to myself, surely the American people can't really be so uniformed and stupid as to elect Hillary Clinton as president. Then, almost in the same thought I recall ... they elected the far-Left, radically racist (Michelle Obama as well), racially divisive,anti-Christian, pro-Muslim and pro=Iranian, idealogue Barack Obama not just once - but twice.

Posted by Richard at June 24, 2015 2:39 PM

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