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June 2015

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June 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Video On Homosexual Marriage
'The gay marriage debate is not about gay marriage any more than the Confederate flag debate is about racism'
Quote of the day from Moonbattery
True colors of the rainbow
"You can either stay and be quiet or we will have to take you out!" Hussein Obama

June 26, 2015

Read of the Day on the Redefinition of Marriage
Question of the Day: 'If John Boehner Was a Democratic Plant, What Would He Be Doing Differently?'
As of June 26, 2015 ... True Marriage No Longer Has Real Meaning

June 25, 2015

Walmart Selling Iranian and Cuban Flags ... But Refuses to Sell Confederate Flags
Muslim Reformist Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser: New York Times 'Indistinguishable From Islamist Media'

June 24, 2015

Speaking of Flag Controversies, What About the U.S. Embassy in London Flying the 'LGBT' Rainbow Flag
Read of the Day: Thomas Sowell on 'Hillary and History'
Hysteria Over Confederate Battle Flag Causing Sales To Rise Through The Roof (Updated)

June 11, 2015

Rest In Peace America - It was fun while it lasted - part 2 #C51

June 9, 2015

Rest In Peace America - It was fun while it lasted, but very few will long remember you.
Right here in River City - a moral compass - at last!
Lest we forget the "pre-criminalization" of 177 Waco bikers