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March 20, 2015

Reasons For Questioning Obama's Allegiances

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Wondering just where Barack Obama's true allegiances reside? Can't help but notice that he forbids any use of the words "radical Islam" or Islamic extremism" .... or any reference to jihad and Islam ... throughout his administration? If you find yourself consistently scratching your head and saying to yourself ... just whose side is this guy on ... you're certainly not alone and you have good reason to wonder.

Take, for example, the info in the following excerpts from David Meir-Levi's piece today at FrontPageMag:

[...] "Nearly a dozen of his appointees to important and even critical government posts are people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition there is Huma Abedin, a very close confidant to Hillary Clinton, and her connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are well documented. And then there is Valerie Jarrett, "Obama's Rasputin" (who is neither Iranian nor Muslim, but seems to hold unconscionable sway over the Obama White House and may be the real brains behind Obama's current policy toward Iran). How deeply have they penetrated, what secrets do they know, how badly has our country's security been compromised?"

[...] And he appointed them. No "guilt by association" here.

The confusion regarding our President's lax and accommodating attitude and policy toward individuals, terrorist organizations and governments that are unequivocally aligned with our nation's enemies, some of which have declared war on us, can be dispelled if we analyze his behavior over the last two years.

Cutting right down to the quick of the matter gives one sound reason to be slack-jawed over Obama's obvious support of our nation's enemies:
[...] His is an ideology that requires that he whitewash the most horrific manifestations of Islamofascism, explain them away, excuse, or deny their very existence in order to direct our attention away from the dire existential threat that they pose. But whitewashing evil is complicity with evil, and complicity with evil is evil. How can our Commander-in-Chief, the leader of the Western World, the single most powerful person on the planet, collude so openly with those who are working so furiously to obliterate us?
As to exactly why he is so supportive of Islamic fascism and so much of an Islamo-apologist:
[...] Caroline Glick came the closest to connecting the dots to their terrifying but undeniable conclusion when she opined that Obama may be acting out of anti-Semitism, or perhaps even out of sympathy for Islamic fascism. But "acting out of sympathy" does not quite connect us to that final dot. Sympathy alone is inadequate to explain his facilitating, enabling, obfuscating, whitewashing, and congenially interacting with Islamofascist extremists. There can be only one explanation for his otherwise unexplainable series of decisions and statements that have supported or even facilitated Islamic fascism's expansion.

What other explanation can there be other than that he wants the Jihadists to win?

Take the time to read the whole thing ... (at the risk of becoming all the more pissed off than you already are).

As Meir-Levi goes on to suggest, it's as though Obama not only sympathize with Islamic fascism, but that he is at one with the ideologically driven psychotic murderers who seek to destroy all of western civilization and replace it with the 7th century barbarism that they call "true Islam."

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Posted by Richard at March 20, 2015 1:07 PM

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