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December 2, 2014

Economist/YouGov Poll: Plurality Of Americans reject Obama's immigration order, want illegals out of schools, jobs

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Via The Washington Examiner, despite the media's gushing over support for President Obama's executive order on illegal immigrants, a poll just published finds that the public is rejecting his move, with overwhelming majorities demanding that illegal children be barred from schools and illegal adults from jobs. A new Economist/YouGov poll said that the public opposes the president's order, 45 percent to 38 percent supporting it. In fact, only a majority of Democrats support the president's action. What's more, support for illegals and the president's action has dropped since he unveiled his order to allow some illegals to stay temporarily and apply for a work permit if they have children who are U.S. citizens.

Bottom line, most independents and nearly all Republicans say the President should have waited for Congress to act on immigration - even though majorities think it is unlikely Congress will take action soon.

No real surprise here, other than the fact that the margin of those rejecting Obama's unconstitutional 'executive order' isn't greater. Surely the divide is almost certain to grow as the public sees the resulting devastation to our economy, jobs, schools, etc. unfolds.

As for how much Obama's lawless amnesty plan will end up costing taxpayers ... it is going to cost them (us) ... trillions!

And you can add those trillions to the total US debt of over $18 trillion that has risen 70% under Barack Obama:

.... total US debt to nominal GDP as of Sept 30, which was $17.555 trillion, is now 103%. Keep in mind this GDP number was artificially increased by about half a trillion dollars a year ago thanks to the "benefit" of R&D and intangibles. Without said definitional change, debt/GDP would now be about 106%.

It also means that total US debt has increased by 70% under Obama, from $10.625 trillion on January 21, 2009 to $18.005 trillion most recently.

So, where is the money coming from to pay for all this debt?

Are you listening taxpayers?

Posted by Richard at December 2, 2014 1:22 PM

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