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November 25, 2014

What #Ferguson Is Really All About (Updated)

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According to racist-in-chief Barack Obama, the Ferguson situation cries out for criminal justice reform, that the situation isn't just an issue for Ferguson, this is 'an issue for America.' His AG Eric Holder, no stranger to seeing racism in virtually everything, says "This incident has sparked a national conversation about the need to ensure confidence between law enforcement and the communities they protect and serve.".

Both are about as far away from the truth than one can possibly be. The real truth is a problem of the culture of far too many black communities in America ... and their leaders ... and most especially about a series of events started not by slavery or Jim Crow, but by a young man's decision not to obey the law and the culture of a community that refuses to accept responsibility for the bad behavior of its citizens. Racial discrimination had absolutely nothing to do with 18-year-old Michael Brown's death. It was he who chose to commit a strong-arm-robbery on a convenience store before, according to the evidence presented to the grand jury, attacking a police officer in his car, grappling for his gun, running away before turning and charging the officer after repeated commands to stop and show his hands (which, contrary to the narrative of the 'community' he indeed failed to do) .

And it is that and that alone that led to his death, period. Had you or I done such a ridiculously stupid thing, we'd be dead too.

His death had absolutely nothing to do with racism or poor community/police relations.

It is, as Bob lonsberry so aptly points out, a problem of black lawlessness, not police insensitivity:

... what we were reminded of last night is that many people who happen to be black have a prejudice against the police. It is a bigotry against a profession as immoral and baseless as bigotry against a skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

That is the only explanation for some of the reaction to the decision of the St. Louis County grand jury.

Instead of basing reaction on the facts as ascertained by the investigation and grand jury decision, some people came back to their pre-existing belief that the police are racists who target blacks.

... It was not some lack of sensitivity training - which the president said Sunday afflicts all of America law enforcement. It was not some racist attitude of the police. It was the lack of civil and legal deportment by the young man in question.

And that arose at least in part, it seems logical to surmise, from this young man's upbringing in a stew of anti-police prejudice.

When the president and the pretend reverends from near and far lambaste the police, reinforcing folklore and fairy tale about a war on young black men, they encourage enmity with police, and antagonism toward them.

The kind of enmity that leads a young man to reach inside a police cruiser and begin pummeling a cop.

That's the cancer that needs to be rooted out.

Clearly, the mindset, ideology, and narrative of Barack Obama, his AG, other race baitors and race hustlers like Al Shorpton and the other 'pretend reverends' like him couldn't possibly be more wrong. It is they, and liberal progressives like them, that are the racists among us. As Lonsberry goes on to so fittingly note, a young man initiated a violent attack against a police officer. He grappled for the officer's gun, he charged the officer and refused to show his hands ... and he died for it. It's indeed a tragedy., but the truth is clear - he deserved what he got ... regardless of what color he was.

Related video:

Update: Radio host and Fox News contributor David Webb just reported that of the 61 people arrested in the Ferguson rioting last night ... 58 were from the Ferguson community. In other words only 3 were outsiders - the exact opposite of the "outside agitator" narrative pushed by the liberal media and politicos. This fact speaks volumes about the culture of the Ferguson community.

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Posted by Richard at November 25, 2014 9:07 AM

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