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October 3, 2014

Heckuva Job, Mr President! (Not Really!)

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Over the last few years the divergence between what the government promises and what it delivers, between what it says is happening or will happen and what actually is happening and does happen, between what it determines to be important and what the public wishes to be important -- this gap has become abysmal, unavoidable, inescapable. - Matthew Continetti at Washington Free Beacon.
Continetti goes on to further sum-up the gulf between Americans and our clueless, feckless, leader:
While the public remains pro-Israel, our government negotiates with Israel's enemies. While the public wants to reduce immigration, the preeminent legislative objective of both parties is a bill that would increase it. While the public is uninterested in global warming, while costly regulations could not pass a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate, while the scientific consensus behind the green agenda is, at the very least, fraying, the president says that climate change is the greatest threat to the United States. While Americans tell pollsters their economic situation has not improved, and that things are headed in the wrong direction--while even Democratic economists acknowledge the despondent state of the middle class--the president travels to Chicago to celebrate his economic recovery.
Adam J. White at The Weekly Standard:
If Mitt Romney had said in 2012 that a second Obama term would bring not just continued economic uncertainty, but also the re-emergence of international terrorist forces, Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, an illegal immigration crisis, a knife-wielding madman in the White House, a beheading in Oklahoma, and the Ebola virus in Texas, even the president's most paranoid critics would have told him to calm down.

But here we are, with a president overcome by crises ...

Keep in mind that this clown was elected not just once, but twice.

This speaks volumes about just how gullible the American electorate is and how easily it falls for the flowery rhetoric of an empty suit.

Brett Stephens so aptly noted at the WSJ a few days ago that although every president gets things wrong now and then, what sets Obama apart is his ideological rigidity and fathomless ignorance. Unfortunately, the same applies to those who voted to put this imbecile in office.

Posted by Hyscience at October 3, 2014 3:16 PM

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