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September 10, 2014

G.W. Warned Us - If Only The Obama Administration Had Listened!

Topics: Iraq, National News

Just in case you missed this ... aired on the Kelly File 6 days ago:

And today, there's this Wall Street Journal editorial from yesterday : Dick Cheney Is Still Right ... Obama's return to Iraq reveals how wrong he has been about the world.

Suggested read: Powerline's Scott Johnson - A WORD FROM DICK CHENEY

The Daily Beast's Ben Jacobs maintains the required attitude of annoyance with, if not hostility to, Dick Cheney as he reports on Cheney's meeting with House Republicans behind closed doors yesterday. Anticipating Obama's speech on the ISIS threat tonight, Cheney recalled Obama's support for the Muslim Brotherhood going back to the first days of the Obama administration in 2009. Has anybody here read The Looming Tower? To borrow Marxist terminology, a false consciousness has permeated our policy under Obama. Jacobs reports: ...
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Posted by Hyscience at September 10, 2014 1:47 PM

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