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June 2014

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June 30, 2014

On sale now - a box of assorted fairies!
O blameless Hillary - Benghazi

June 28, 2014

Tequila vs Taquia
I got your back and proudly wear a #73 badge! - Anti-Amnesty - Illegal Immigration

June 27, 2014

"Whatever it is, it ain't good" - Illegal Immigrants
He came he saw he destroyed - Hussein Obama

June 26, 2014

Flogging America - What government FEARS, and it is not - Illegal Immigrants

June 24, 2014

Flogging America - Our shame - Illegal Immigrants
Flogging America - You really cannot make this s*** up! - Illegal Immigrants
Flogging America - What they don't want you to know - Illegal Immigrants
Flogging America - Who has your back? - Illegal Immigrants
Flogging America - Where "some" of your tax dollars are going - Illegal Immigrants
Flogging America - What you have not seen - Illegal Immigrants

June 21, 2014

What difference does it make? Young Marine killed in Afghanistan
What difference does it make "Why We've Become so Jaded"
What difference does it make? - If our government has gone bad...

June 20, 2014

Crisis at border - diseases long stamped out in America being brought back in!
Hussein Obama speaking in "Unicorn"
Humiliation, revenge and those nasty "bumps" in the road - Benghazi

June 19, 2014

Mom of U.S. Marine Held In Mexico Still Hasn't Heard From White House Or State Department
Hopefully this is a NO KILL animal shelter!
Don't call us - we'll call you!

June 18, 2014

Miracles really, really do happen!
House Republican Conference Video on IRS Emails: 'We Are Waiting!'
"Are illegal immigrants a higher priority for this administration than struggling U.S. citizens?"
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - "something to say when you have nothing to say" - Benghazi
U.S. Trained ISIS Insurgents at Secret Base in Jordan
NBC's Chuck Todd: WSJ/NBC Poll 'Disaster for the President' (Video)
Hillary's "fog of war" on Benghazi
So Where Do Mosul's Christians Go Now?
ZoNation On Planned Parenthood's 'Planning for Kinky Sex' (Video)

June 17, 2014

What if the #illegalchildren are just another distraction?

June 16, 2014

The "American Spring" - Destabilizing the United States with #illegalchildren
We must remember our history or suffer revisionist historians
Midnight - do you know where your money is?

June 14, 2014

LEAKED! - Secret Service unveils plans to secure release of Tahmooressi!
Obama's fundamental transformation of America and The Seven Deadly States
"Operation Shield" for "presence deterrence." - Veterans as terrorists!

June 13, 2014

Schooled by Planned Parenthood
"Commander-in-Chief" - the joke of the century! Tahmooressi
John McCain: 'We Won Iraq, Obama Lost It'

June 12, 2014

Video: Bill Whittle On Why Benghazi Matters
This Isn't Funny ... It's Just Too Damn True!
David Ignatius Slams Obama Administration's Foreign Policy (Essentially Says Romney Was Right, Obama Was Wrong)
USAF: They COULD have evacuated the people from Benghazi!
Washington Post Poll: 73% Say Bergdahl Should Face Criminal Charges For Desertion
The problem in this country is that we just can't stay on message!
Good reasons not to trust our government
Iraqis Swim Tigris River to Escape As Mosul Falls to Islamic Terrorist Group (Video)

June 11, 2014

On Liberty!
The V Chronicles
Chuck Hagel Throws Obama Under the Bus ... Blame Obama for Bergdahl-Taliban Swap (Video)
Politics biggest lie dashed! - Dave Brat vs Eric Cantor
BRAVO Border Patrol! Leaked pictures of children who have crossed into America!

June 10, 2014

God helps those who help themselves! Tahmooressi
Reuters poll: Obama approval at 37.5%
If you wear "my" uniform, & you are captured, we will come and get your butt!
Not thy will, but MY will be done!
"And at once I knew I was not magnificent"

June 8, 2014

FedBizOpp - DHS & CDC soliciting bids for 315 million tubes of Boston Marathon Lube!

June 6, 2014

There is no shame in racing to embrace the next Holocaust
18 More Veterans Left Off "Official" VA Waiting List Die
"Secret documents show that Bowe Bergdahl declared jihad in captivity"
Misjudging our military - Bergdahl - Benghazi
Evil? Or stupid?
Men of character - Army Proud - Bergdahl - Benghazi

June 5, 2014

The White House joke of the day: "We have a basic principle: we do not leave anybody wearing the American uniform behind." #Benghazi #Tahmooressi
"Tyrants only have power, only have wealth, only have influence because the people give it to them."
Pick your poison California - Left or Right boot?

June 4, 2014

The Adrian Peterson of the White House!
Obama Administration Promoted Deserter/Traitor/Taliban Sympathizer Bergdahl to Sergeant 'After' He Reportedly Joined Taliban
On Byron York's 'Why Does This Administration Believe It Must Lie ... About Nearly Everything?'
The REAL Truth About The Treasonous Bowe Bergdahl ... And The Treasonous Deal That Got Him Released
Taliban: Here's your boy - thanks for the cash - don't be comin back now ya hear? - VIDEO Bergdohl
State Dept: Boots on the ground with Bergdahl don't know what they are talking about

June 3, 2014

"If my transportation home is a flag-draped coffin, please stay away when I arrive."
The American Soldier speaks out - Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor
Hussein Obama's "fight to serve our veterans as well as they have served us"
Government you can trust!

June 2, 2014

Something about the continual use of the word "harvested" when referring to the NSA makes the skin crawl
Oh that it were an isolated incident...

June 1, 2014

N.Y.Times continues spewing government psy-ops