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May 18, 2014

How are you going to tweet your way out of this one dot gov? #Immigration #amnesty


An emergency on the Texas border. Thousands of unaccompanied children arriving and must be taken care of by - who else - the American people!

The N.Y.Times headline reads - U.S. Setting Up Emergency Shelter in Texas as Youths Cross Border Alone! NYT is not about to take it this far but It should read - U.S. Setting up Emergency Shelter in Texas as Youths by the Thousands and Thousands Cross Border Alone!

With border authorities in South Texas overwhelmed by a surge of young illegal migrants traveling by themselves, the Department of Homeland Security declared a crisis this week and moved to set up an emergency shelter for the youths at an Air Force base in San Antonio, officials said Friday.

After seeing children packed in a Border Patrol station in McAllen, Tex., during a visit last Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Monday declared "a level-four condition of readiness" in the Rio Grande Valley. The alert was an official recognition that federal agencies overseeing borders, immigration enforcement and child welfare had been outstripped by a sudden increase in unaccompanied minors in recent weeks.

On Sunday, Department of Health and Human Services officials will open a shelter for up to 1,000 minors at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, authorities said, and will begin transferring youths there by land and air. The level-four alert is the highest for agencies handling children crossing the border illegally, and allows Homeland Security officials to call on emergency resources from other agencies, officials said.

Skipping further down in the article is this -

The flow of child migrants has been building since 2011, when 4,059 unaccompanied youths were apprehended by border agents. Last year more than 21,000 minors were caught, and Border Patrol officials had said they were expecting more than 60,000 this year. But that projection has already been exceeded.

And further down yet is THIS -

Mr. Johnson said he had spoken on Monday with the ambassadors from Mexico and the three Central American countries to seek their cooperation, and had begun a publicity campaign to dissuade youths from embarking for the United States.

So I wonder if Michelle will be as interested in tweeting about these youth as she was about the 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls! Is she clueless about them? Or, are they just frickin votes? Read the whole damn thing here.

While I'm at it - one story - one child's story - read it and weep - for Noemi, for an America that does not give a damn enough about children to truly take care of the immigration problem by simply following the law, not that any of us probably even know what the law is any longer.

A 12-Year-Old's Trek of Despair Ends in a Noose at the Border

Noemi Alvarez Quillay took the first steps of the 6,500-mile journey to New York City from the southern highlands of Ecuador on Tuesday, Feb. 4, after darkness fell.

A bashful, studious girl, Noemi walked 10 minutes across dirt roads that cut through corn and potato fields, reaching the highway to Quito. She carried a small suitcase. Her grandfather Cipriano Quillay flagged down a bus and watched her board. She was 12.

From that moment, and through the remaining five weeks of her life, Noemi was in the company of strangers, including coyotes -- human smugglers, hired by her parents in the Bronx to bring her to them. Her parents had come to the United States illegally and settled in New York when Noemi was a toddler. Continue here.

Let's be very clear here. The release of 36,000 illegals with criminal convictions by the Obama administration is about power via the vote. The GOP has given their approval by their lack of outrage! The illegal immigration issue is about power via votes. And the stories above - not a damn bit of difference - power via votes! Don't believe me? The article below will surely make you sick to your stomach. There is no mention of, and no room for, consideration of the American lives that will be destroyed by those released and by illegal immigration. It is all about power.

Once again, due to the GOP having basically given approval for all Obama does by their lack of outrage I am going to change the title of this article from Obama Makes It Clear That Amnesty Will Help Democrats
to Obama and GOP Make It Clear That Amnesty Will Help Democrats because they ALL have one goal - POWER - and to hell with the rest of us!

Hey Michelle - how about a tweet for Noemi?


Posted by LadyR at May 18, 2014 4:13 PM

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