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May 20, 2014

FLOTUS wants 'our' girls back ... why not 'OUR' U.S. Marine Sgt #Tahmooressi with PTSD wrongly imprisoned in Mexico?

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Meritoriously promoted (on the battlefield) and purple heart-awarded USMC Sgt Andrew #Tahmooressi, suffering from PTSD after two tours in Afghanistan, ACCIDENTALLY crossed the Mexican border after missing the last freeway exit before entering Mexico and gets imprisoned while Obama yawns and Moochie tweets "Bring back 'our' girls".(actually they are 'Nigerian' girls). Meanwhile thousands of Mexicans deliberately and illegally cross our border and get ... free benefits and de-facto amnesty.

As Lt. Col. Oliver North so aptly framed it on Fox News Channel's "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" ... "Sgt. Tahmooressi may be the only person the Obama administration has ever kept from entering the United States from Mexico,"

This clip from The Blaze shows just how easy it was for Sgt #Tahmooressi to accidentally cross the border into Mexico.

Some common sense perspective via The Blaze:
Tahmooressi was able to speak with the Associated Press earlier this month, and said he thought that he would be able to explain that he wanted to turn around when he reached the border. A recently released 911 call Tahmooressi made shortly after crossing the border seems to confirm the decorated veteran crossed the border accidentally and was just trying to turn around.

But Mexican police quickly surrounded Tahmooressi and placed him with the general population in La Mesa Penitentiary, one of the most dangerous prisons in Mexico.

After "hit men" threatened to rape and torture him to death, Tahmooressi escaped, but was quickly recaptured. He was then moved to solitary confinement, where his hands and feet were chained to a bed for over thirty days. Tahmooressi has now been transferred to a maximum security facility roughly 40 miles outside of Tijuana. If convicted, he could serve up to 21 years in a Mexican prison for carrying his firearms across the border.

Beck remarked: "He has endured over a month of what any honest individual would describe as torture, both physically and mentally -- especially for a guy suffering already from post traumatic stress from the war that you and I asked him to go fight."

"You'd think the same type of people who complain and file lawsuits when terrorists are forced to listen to loud music at [Guantanamo] would be outraged that one of our own has been chained to his bed for a month!" Beck continued "Under the current administration's watch, last year 36,000 convicted criminals were released ... It'd be nice to see our administration fight just as hard for just one Marine to be released as well on the other side."

Beck said it is crucial that Americans "make some noise" before the hearing on May 29, when Mexican officials will make a statement to the judge handling Tahmooressi's case.

More here ... (and yes it is indeed time to "MAKE SOME NOISE" over this).

Meanwhile, In desperation, his mom has started a petition at in an attempt to get our disgustingly incompetent and anti-military president's attention. At the time of this posting the petition only has 27,458 signatures and needs 72,542 more by May 31st (the request to get His Majesty's attention requires 100,000 signatures).

It's a very sad day in America when the mom of a U.S. Marine wrongfully imprisoned Mexico feels like she has to get '100,000 signatures' on a government website just to begin to ... maybe ... get the president's attention. As for him actually getting "OUR" U.S. Marine freed and back in the U.S. where ... with lots of luck ... he just might get treated at a V.A. facility ... now that's a different matter.

And for the record, and the benefit of the much-confused liberal-progressives out there , Michael Sam is no hero ... Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Is. So how about putting at least half as much of your energy supporting a real American hero as you did - two men kissing eachother (Ugh ... )!

Related: This is what Moochie and Barry are essentially saying by their silence and failure to bring our Marine home (hat tip - ML@CYA_2020):


Posted by Hyscience at May 20, 2014 3:22 PM

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