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April 1, 2014

Obamacare, Deaf Callers, and a Naughty Hotline ... Oh my!

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As the tired old saying goes, you just can't make this sh*t up:

Deaf Californians looking to sign up for health insurance coverage through the state's Obamacare exchange were directed Monday to a hotline offering to connect them with "hot ladies."As some Californians learned on the final day of open enrollment, one of the phone numbers provided by Covered California, the state's online exchange, was 1-888-899-4500, one digit off from the real number, 1-888-889-4500.

So instead of being connected to an Obamacare representative, some hearing-impaired Californians were instead sent to an "adult entertainment" phone service.

No surprise. After all, we're talkin' about - Obamacare ... and California.

Posted by Hyscience at April 1, 2014 3:50 PM

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