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April 6, 2014

Charlie Daniels knows what happened


How we got from there to here. How we will get from here to there. Find the closest mirror and look in it to find out.

What happened?

As I begin this column, I'm on a business trip to New York City in a high rise hotel looking out at one of the world's truly great cities, an architectural masterpiece, and a technological wonder when you think about the infrastructure above and below ground that lights, heats and moves the population of over eight million human beings who live stacked on top of each other in the countless apartment complexes.

When I contemplate the will, brainpower and downright genius it takes to build and maintain something like a New York City, I have to wonder what has happened to the nation that bred and nurtured the kind of people capable of such things and wonder if there will ever be another "greatest generation" who will continue to boldly travel down the road less traveled and enable America to maintain it's place as the greatest nation on earth.

The spirit that built the wonder that is America was not dependent on a bloated federal government and was not hindered by the voluminous and often times silly restrictions and bureaucratic red tape such a government produces.

The men and women who built America had no safety nets; no union protections and the only person who kept the wolves away from the door stared back at them from their mirror.

When the first hardy souls trekked and fought their way across this continent they had little more than what they carried on their backs, an iron will, faith in their Creator and a burning desire to have something of their own and become a part of something bigger than they were.

The mistakes America made in the early going are well documented and regretted by decent people everywhere. The broken Indian treaties, the shame of slavery and even a civil war have marred our history but as always happens with men of good will, those and a myriad of other mistakes have been learned from, dealt with and America moved on to be a stronger country that learned from the past and then took it in stride.

Today, it is a sad fact that much of America has lost it's ambition, it's work ethic and, saddest of all, the burning, close to the surface patriotism that has been a part of our heritage since we declared our independence.

The easiest thing to blame our national malaise on is the Federal Government and we would not be wrong in doing so, but what is the government but men and women We The People have empowered with our votes and have allowed to become an incompetent, corrupt, indifferent, inefficient, mindless machine who's collective mentality thinks that serving is managing to get reelected every election cycle.

You, me, all of us have allowed this to happen

He wasn't done on the subject - continue here.

Posted by LadyR at April 6, 2014 5:46 PM

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