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April 11, 2014

CBS Anchorwoman Jan Crawford: 'Remarkable' Sebelius Wasn't Fired Earlier (Video)

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The fact that such a comment came from the highly Obama-supportive CBS makes the comment itself all the more 'remarkable':

As for those fluffy enrollment numbers Crawford mentions in the video, the fact that the White House began touting them on April Fools Day is more than just appropropriate, its downright telling of the absurdity of the claim. Former head of the Congressional Budget Office, Doug Holtz-Eakin, has pointed out that "if you look at the 7 million and you shave off the 20 percent who probably haven't paid, you've got about 5 and a half million people and that's roughly the number of people that were in the individual market and started having their policies cancelled:

That 20 percent number who don't pay has often been cited by insurance sources. Blue Cross/Blue Shield this week confirmed that up to 20 percent of those enrolled by February 1 still have not paid a premium.

As far as the potential cancellations, Carney referred to the 14 million as a "sliver" of the population, even though it's double the number of current signups.

"You need to look at the 7 million in the context of the U.S. population, and that's about 330 million people," says Dan Mendelson of Avalere Health, a non-partisan consulting and analysis firm. "So, this, this program is going to insure about two percent of the total folks who live in the United States."

So while the administration portrayed that two percent as victory, the five percent facing cancellations was minimized, leading Holtz-Eakin to observe that "it can't be the case that, you know, five percent is no big deal and signing up two percent is a triumph, those two can't stand simultaneously."

CBS fails to point out in its report that Sebelius' (and the White House's) claim ignores the fact that some of those who were cancelled were forced into ObamCare, which added to the enrollment numbers, even though they only needed insurance because their policies had been cancelled, not because they were uninsured.

In other words, while CBS managed to come across as somewhat critical of Sebelius, it essentially helped perpetrate the fraud of the White House's fuzzy math:

'Fuzzy math' ... no real surprise though, after all - we're talkin' about a liberal-progressive administration. Besides being fact and truth challenged ... they probably used Common Core Math.

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Posted by Hyscience at April 11, 2014 11:23 AM

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