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March 26, 2014

(Yet Another) Man Dies After Albuquerque Police Department Shooting (Updated)

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Being a cop is a tough and dangerous job, and I'm all for supporting law enforcement. But if this story of apparent inappropriate use of deadly force by the police doesn't make you mad as hell, nothing will.

"A video shot by a neighbor appears to show a man in a white shirt on a porch holding a cellphone to his right ear before dropping his arm to his side in the seconds before shots ring out. The man appears to fall to the ground after the sound of the gunfire.

Neighbors said they heard three to five shots."

It certainly appears that, both by the position and actions of the man,on the man on the porch in the white shirt that he posed no deadly threat to anyone ... and that the use of deadly force is unjustafied.

Via The Albuquerque Journal:

Hours after hundreds protested the Albuquerque Police Department's use of force Tuesday evening, officers opened fire on a man near Central and Coors. The man died at the hospital, police said Wednesday morning.

He becomes the 23rd man since 2010 shot and killed by Albuquerque Police, which is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for its use of force

Neighbors at the scene of Tuesday's shooting were shocked and outraged. They said officers shot the man while he was unarmed and talking on a cellphone.

Several said this morning that the man was armed but that he did not ever point or shoot at officers. They said he had the gun to his own head.

Franchesca Coffee said she watched the confrontation from her apartment, which is across a small courtyard from where the shooting happened.

"They tried to say that he shot at them? They're full of it. I saw the whole thing. He was no threat whatsoever," she said.

[...] The shooting comes on the heels of another officer-involved shooting in the Sandia foothills last Sunday that left a mentally-ill, homeless man dead. That shooting sparked local and national outcry. Hundreds marched on APD headquarters Tuesday evening, with organizers calling for indictments of the officers involved.

The Department of Justice is investigating whether APD has a pattern or practice of violating citizens' civil rights, specifically through the use of deadly force. That investigation is a civil investigation, not criminal.

Read the whole thing here ...

Related previous APD shooting (Homeless man had been 'camping illegally')

Update on the previous APD shooting: Watch this carefully - It was clearly 'murder by cop' (must-read, heart-breaking details at the link) for the 'crime' of illegal camping!!! (hat tip - Battlefield USA via LadyR)

As you see in the video, the victim was laying on his stomach saying he was unable to get up when a police officer named Keith Sandy walked up and shot the prone man in the back.

Without a doubt, the APD violated every rule of when to use deadly force. They failed to appropriately respond to the initial situation (the homeless man was initially not a threat to the cops ) and the 'situation' on which they reacted was a creation of their own making. Subsequently, the man, James M. Boyd, was clearly trying to surrender, had reached down to pick up a thermos, placed it in his right hand and grabbed a blue bag in his left hand (he only 'instinctively' retrieved a knife from his pocket when the cops had the dog attack him), and was walking toward them as they demanded. Mr. Boyd was outnumbered and initially unarmed (the cops claim he had two knives but as is obvious from the video he was flat on the ground - face down on his stomach and no threat to anyone (he had been shot several times with bean bags, was in pain and unable to move, and there were at least 4 cops there) - when he was 'executed'. Again, this entire situation was an over-reaction on the part of the APD. An innocent (his only 'crime' being a misdemeaner of illegal camping), and likely mentally ill, man is now dead ... and his death clearly could and should have been avoided).

Posted by Hyscience at March 26, 2014 12:04 PM

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