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March 13, 2014

'Legislative Power Usurper' Obama Threatens Vetoes of Bills Requiring Him to Follow Laws

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Yet another step down the road of Obama's lawless presidency and perhaps the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

In this latest step, President Obama says he will veto a bill 'requiring him to follow his oath of office'!

When liberal George Washington University constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the topic of "Enforcing the President's Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws," he warned that "We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis with sweeping implications for our system of government," and that "there has been a massive gravitational shift of authority to the Executive Branch that threatens the stability and functionality of our tripartite system." He went on to note that although that shift did not begin under Obama, "it has accelerated under this administration."

Unfortunately, it's painfully obvious that such warnings mean absolutely nothing to Barack Obama, the constitution means bupkis to him, and he means to proceed full speed ahead on usurping legislative powers, executive authority, and essentially ripping up the constitution..

Via the Washington Examiner:

President Obama is threatening to veto a law that would allow Congress to sue him in federal courts for arbitrarily changing or refusing to enforce federal laws because it "violates the separation of powers" by encroaching on his presidential authority.

"[T]he power the bill purports to assign to Congress to sue the President over whether he has properly discharged his constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed exceeds constitutional limitations," the White House Office of Management and Budget said Wednesday in a statement of administration policy. "Congress may not assign such power to itself, nor may it assign to the courts the task of resolving such generalized political disputes."

The lead sponsor of the measure, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said it was designed to curb Obama's abuse of presidential authority, most notably in his frequent changes to Obamacare.

"We have pursued certain remedies afforded to Congress to address executive overreach but these efforts have been thwarted," Gowdy said. "This bill is necessary; it will give Congress the authority to defend this branch of government as the Framers and our fellow citizens would expect."

Obama also threatened to veto another bill by Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., which would require the administration to explain decisions not to enforce laws when those decisions are rooted in policy concerns rather than just constitutional concerns (which the Justice Department is already required to do).

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Posted by Hyscience at March 13, 2014 8:44 AM

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