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February 11, 2014

Ron Fournier on Why He's Getting Sick of Defending Obamacare

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National Journal columnist Ron Fournier says he's getting sick of defending Obamacare, and notes that the latest blow to Democratic candidates, liberal activists, 'and naïve columnists like him' came Monday when the White House announced yet another delay in the Obamacare implementation.

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Fournier writes at The National Journal:

[...] For the second time in a year, certain businesses were given more time before being forced to offer health insurance to most of their full-time workers. Employers with 50 to 99 workers were given until 2016 to comply, two years longer than required by law. During a yearlong grace period, larger companies will be required to insure fewer employees than spelled out in the law.

Not coincidentally, the delays punt implementation beyond congressional elections in November, which raises the first problem with defending Obamacare: The White House has politicized its signature policy.

The win-at-all-cost mentality helped create a culture in which a partisan-line vote was deemed sufficient for passing transcendent legislation. It spurred advisers to develop a dishonest talking point -- "If you like your health plan, you'll be able to keep your health plan." And political expediency led Obama to repeat the line, over and over and over again, when he knew, or should have known, it was false.

Defending the ACA became painfully harder when online insurance markets were launched from a multi-million-dollar website that didn't work, when autopsies on the administration's actions revealed an epidemic of incompetence that began in the Oval Office and ended with no accountability.

Then officials started fudging numbers and massaging facts to promote implementation, nothing illegal or even extraordinary for this era of spin. But they did more damage to the credibility of ACA advocates.

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Noah Rothman says Fournier's position points to the first crack in the dam!

[...] Fournier has been around a while. The former Washington Bureau Chief for the Associated Press has been covering politics since 1985, when he established himself as a local reporter in Arkansas -- a station that positioned him well to jump into national politics when his adopted home state's governor ascended to the presidency just eight years later.

Like so many political columnists inside the Beltway, Fournier regularly exhibits a devotion to even handedness. With a near pious commitment, no criticism of the Democratic Party can be issued without a commensurate nod to the faults and foibles of the Republican Party, and vice versa. Maintaining cross-partisan appeal is an aspect of being considered credible, and the opinion columnist is undone if he no longer commands the authority conveyed by bipartisan influence.

Which makes Fournier's more recent admission that much more stark. It is the first crack in the dam which portends a great flood. ...

When even Washington journalists begin waking up to the realities of Obamacare and the lies of its founder, it lends credence to Jonathan S. Tobin's suggestion that unfortunately for the president and Democratic incumbents, the sheer number of ObamaCare exemptions and delays has grown to the point where it is no longer possible to pretend that the only problem with the law was a glitch-ridden website or Republican obstructionism. No matter how many of its ill-conceived moving parts the presidential orders say need not be implemented before November, the accumulated weight of its failure may prove too heavy a burden for Democrats who must answer to the electorate for their votes to shove this monstrosity down the collective throat of the American people.

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Bottom line ... It appears that for the most part, Republicans have been right about Obamacare all along.

Posted by Hyscience at February 11, 2014 3:03 PM

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