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February 19, 2014

New Americans for Prospertiy Ad: Obamacare 'Has Jeopardized My Health'

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Via The Weekly Standard:

Americans for Prospertiy, a conservative tax-exempt organization, has a new 60-second television ad running in Michigan that criticizes Democratic congressman Gary Peters for his vote and continued support of Obamacare. The ad features Michigan citizen Julie Boonstra, who describes how she was diagnosed with leukemia but lost her health insurance coverage this year because of Obamacare's regulations.

"I was doing fairly well fighting the cancer, fighting the leukemia, and then I received a letter. My insurance was canceled because of Obamacare," says Boonstra. "Now, the out-of-pocket costs are so high, it's unaffordable. If I do not receive my medication, I will die. I believed the president. I believed I could keep my health insurance plan. I feel lied to."

Julie Boonstra has every right and reason to "feel lied to" ... because she was indeed lied to by the president and his fellow Democrats - from the very beginning of the campaign to promote Obamacare to the American people (Obama even lied in his story about his mother dying from cancer because her insurance was canceled). And in fact, the president went out lied about being able to keep your plan and keep your doctor, period ... dozens of times.

Sadly, Julie's case is but one example of the many lies, corruption and incompetence that we have come to know and expect from Barack Obama.

Posted by Hyscience at February 19, 2014 5:00 PM

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