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February 28, 2014

Mom of Obamacare Victim: 'Harry Reid Owes Us an Apology' (Videos)

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According to Harry Reid, all Americans who talk about their Obamacare horror stories are ... liars, and all of the GOP ads exposing the evils of Obamacare are lies, as well. As you might expect, his idiotic claim ignited a firestorm of responses:

Now, the mother of one of the victims that Harry Reid says are liars spoke out on "Fox and Friends" today, demanding Reid apologize for his "offensive" comments:

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Following Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's patently false claim that all stories of Obamacare victims are "untrue" a mother of one such victim spoke out on "Fox and Friends" Friday demanding Reid apologize for his "offensive" comments.

Eileen Benthal's 17-year-old daughter Johannah was born with congenital malformations in her brain and has undergone 89 surgeries in her life. Benthal said they lost their doctor and all out-of-state coverage due to the new regulations in the Affordable Care Act. There are three options for them on the New York state exchange, but Benthal described them as "far less superior to the options we had."

Benthal was outraged over Reid's comments. "I was so offended. I spent the last three months working more than a part-time job for me to secure insurance after termination that happened that fall," Benthal said. "I have worked diligently and advocated for the health care that we once had which we don't have anymore."

When asked what she would like for Harry Reid to do, Benthal challenged the Nevada Democrat to make a donation to the Alliance in Honor of Johannah Benthal, a charity named for her daughter dedicated to researching a cure for congenital malformations.

"Last year our insurance company paid $27,000 to have this testing done," Benthal said. "I would like him to pay $30,000 and make that donation and apologize to me and the American people."

Given Harry Reid's long history of false accusations (in a sampling by PolitiFact - 73% were half truths, mostly false, false, or pants on fire lies), he's long proven that very little that comes out of his mouth can be believed. And yet the Democrats keep him in his leadership position ... something that speaks volumes about the Dems themselves and their respect for truth.

Related video: Obamacare Forces Michigan Hospital To Cut Jobs:

Posted by Hyscience at February 28, 2014 11:40 AM

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