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February 21, 2014

Krauthammer on FCC Newsroom Study: 'A Trampling on What Rights are Remaining' (Video)

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Charles Krauthammer comments on the latest move by the Obama administration to control the media.

"As if the IRS, and the EPA, and NLRB haven't done enough damage, the FCC now has to trample on what rights are remaining."
Critics of the study aptly suggest it needs to be entirely scrapped. And being reported today is the fact that what the critics are calling 'an intrusive examination of newsrooms across America,' the FFCC tapped a Beltway firm whose philosophy aligned neatly (and conveniently) with the study's goals -- which were to promote "diversity" in the newsroom, presumably in terms of who is hired and what is covered.

Over at NRO, David French translates the real purpose of the study into plain English.

In the meanwhile, via French, It looks like the FCC has now pulled the plug on the study and is pledging not to question station owners, managers, and reporters.

And yes, Krauthammer is spot-on, the study is a "trampling" on what rights we have left after five years of the Obama administration, and it is/was indeed meant to be so. Little wonder both Conservative commentators and free speech advocates (many of whom are liberals) alike joined in slamming the proposal.

It was doomed from the start.

Posted by Hyscience at February 21, 2014 4:08 PM

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