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February 20, 2014

Good Candidate For Picture of the Week

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Ukrainian Priests pray between police and protesters in Kiev (Hat tip - Weasel Zippers):


Which is a far different picture than the reality of the terrible violence that has erupted since the so-called 'truce' fell apart.


Meanwhile, the NYT is reporting: As Deaths Rise in Kiev, So Do Fears Ukraine Will Use Troops:

Ukraine descended into a deeper spiral of violence on Thursday as both protesters and riot police officers used firearms in the deadliest day so far, and fear intensified that President Viktor F. Yanukovych would declare a state of emergency, a move that could herald the deployment of the military.
Mashable reports: At Least 70 Dead in Kiev After Truce Falls Apart.

Unquestionably, the situation is dire, as seen in this video:

George Will asks: Is Ukraine the Cold War's final episode? ... and aptly notes: "... this is perhaps the final episode of the Cold War. Does America's unusually loquacious 44th president remember how the words of the 40th -- "Tear down this wall!" -- helped to win it?"

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