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February 13, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson: The IRS even targeting my family and friends because I've criticized Obama (Vdieo)

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Dr. Benjamin Carson, former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and outspoken critic of Barack Obama's policies and agenda, said on Monday that he and his family were targeted by the IRS in retribution for his comments critical of Obama:

[...] According to Carson, audits and other harassment began in May or June of 2013, just a few months after his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Gradually, he added, the harassment expanded to include family members, associates, and his charitable endeavors.

"I've been quite -- I would say astonished at the level of hostility that I have encountered," he told Newsmax TV's John Bachman.

"The IRS has investigated me. They said, "I want to look at your real estate holdings." There was nothing there. "Well, let's expand to an entire [year], everything." There was nothing there. "Let's do another year." Finally, after a few months, they went away. But they've come after my family, they've come after my friends, they've come after associates," he added.

Until now, Newsmax said, Dr. Carson has shied away from tying the IRS actions to his criticism of Obama, but now he says Americans live "in a Gestapo age" even though they may not realize it.

He also said Congress has to step up to the plate and do its job.

"The reason we have divided government is if one branch of the government gets out of control, starts thinking they're too big for their britches, you need to be able to have control," he said.

Unfortunately, Congress as a whole has shown little interest in keeping the administration in check, but a handful of conservative Republicans have spoken out.

Carson told Newsmax this is the first time he's ever been audited by the IRS.

Much more here ....

Dr. Carson became chief resident in neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in 1982, and since that time one can safely assume that he's been making a decent salary. This means that 32 years have gone by without ever being audited by the IRS. He then began criticizing Barack Obama and ... boom ... Obama's 'Gestapo' slams down on him.

"Not even a smidgen of of criminality or corruption"? I think perhaps it's much much more than just a "smidgen"!

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Posted by Hyscience at February 13, 2014 3:14 PM

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