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January 21, 2014

Know that your place is to be grateful!

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I received the below email from my brother (a carpenter) this morning. He is a good, honest, kind man. Hard working as they come - when there is work - and there has been very little work in residential housing for several years now.

My brother drinks a whole lot of Kool-Aid, including that that is poisoned with the idea that we should be grateful for any amount of work coming our way. Accepting less and less, be it dollars or freedom is our lot. Be grateful oh ye little people!

So we've been pretty slow at work, probably averaged 30 hours since December. Now the only work for the next month or so is up in the mountains, a little over 100 miles from the house. Probably about 20 carpenters working up there, and I probably live closest to the job. Makes for long days. Some guys are driving well over 300 miles roundtrip each day. Not too much complaining though. Everybody wants a paycheck. Fortunately it is at worst chilly, no snow or unbearable cold. And the mood is fairly good. Hopefully it will be over with soon enough. They say there is a lot of dirt being moved for new houses here, and it should be a good year for everybody.

Posted by LadyR at January 21, 2014 1:35 PM

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