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January 23, 2014

Fox News Poll: Voters say addressing income inequality not government's job

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A new Fox News poll (methodology and results - here) shows a disconnect between Barack Obama's class warfare, wealth redistributionist, 'income inequality' agenda and the voters' priorities. While Obama says reducing income inequality will be his top priority for the rest of his term, it ranks way down on voters' list of priorities:


The poll finds that only a small minority of voters (13 percent) thinks the government should do something about the fact some people make a lot more money than others. A 62-percent majority is okay with disparities in income "because that's just how the economy works." Another 21 percent say income inequality "stinks," but still think the government "shouldn't get involved."
Here's the video on the report (after an ad, of course):

The Fox poll results differ somewhat from the results of a George Washington University Battleground poll released Wednesday that shows almost half of likely voters think income inequality is a big problem:

Forty-nine percent of likely voters call the large gap between the wealthy and the poor a "big problem," while another 30 percent say it's "somewhat of a problem." They're divided on the right solution though: About half say the best way to fix income inequality is to close the gap between wealthy Americans and the rest of the country while the other half say it's cutting taxes and loosening regulations.

One thing the majority of likely voters can agree on is that the country is on the wrong track. About 55 percent of respondents believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, and 54 percent believe the gridlock and lack of cooperation in Washington is just as bad now as it was last year.

What the poll fails to address is the manner in which the voter group that thinks the best way to fix income inequality is to close the gap between wealthy Americans and the rest of the country ... would go about accomplishing it. In other words, some sample of that group could just as well believe that it's not government's role to address it other than have leadership that is capable of bringing about a better economy.

Posted by Hyscience at January 23, 2014 1:49 PM

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