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December 18, 2013

Satellite Measurements Confirm Ongoing Massive Increase in Arctic Ice

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TjKxS.jpgOn December 13, 2008, global warming hoaxster Al Gore told an audience in Germany that the ice cap at the North Pole would be completely melted in 5 years.

That prediction, like all other predictions from the global warming hoaxsters, hasn't worked out so well.

In fact, contrary to Al Gore's dire prediction of the ice cap at the North Pole completely melting in 5 years, scientists now report that the amount of sea ice in the Arctic has instead increased by close to 50 per cent compared to last year ... and that thick, multi-year ice indicates healthy Arctic sea-ice cover. This year's multi-year ice is now on average about 20 per cent, or around 30 cm, thicker than last year.

As Moonbattery so aptly points out, worldwide carbon emissions have been soaring. According to the theory on behalf of which we are expected to sacrifice our liberty and our standard of living (as preached by the global warming hoaxsters), the ice should be melting away, just like the loony Al Gore predicted.

The problem with predicting doom in the relatively near future is that when the doom doesn't come, everyone who isn't an utter fool will laugh at you. But everyone who isn't an utter fool has been laughing at Gore since long before 2008 anyway, so he didn't have much to lose.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to exploit the debunked hoax to advance his authoritarian collectivist agenda. This month he brought in hard left Clintonista John Podesta of the Center for American Progress to drive through draconian measures that will supposedly control the climate by "executive authority."

It is as if liberals live in a world where objective facts have no relevance.

For liberals, Barack Obama being chief among them, it's never about common sense and facts, it's always about ideology.

Posted by Hyscience at December 18, 2013 4:12 PM

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