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December 27, 2013

Obama DOJ Charges White Man With Knockout Hate Crime After Completely Ignored DOZENS of Black-on-White Knockout Attacks

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Yesterday, the racially-challenged, racially-divisive, and racially discriminatory Obama/Holder Department of Justice filled a federal 'hate-crimes' charge against a white 27-year-old Texas man ... Conrad Alvin Barrett ... in a "knockout game" attack on a 79 year-old black man.

As disgusting and wrongful as Barrett's cowardly attack on a 79 year-old man is, how, pray tell, is it more deserving of being a 'federal hate-crime' than the 'dozens' of black-on-white knockout attacks over the past three years that the Obama'Holder DOJ completely ignored!

As Rick Moran points out at American Thinker, this case shows just how extremely warped law enforcement (and especially the Obama/Holder DOJ) has gotten as a result of hate crime legislation. Regardless of who is in charge (but especially under the Obama administration), the law will always be selectively enforced. It makes a mockery of the notion of equal justice under the law. All of those racialist commentators and pundits who have been denying the fact that the knockout game even exists can now switch gears in the blink of an eye, and without acknowledging their past denials, rail against Texas racists who commit hate crimes. The irony of dozens of reports of black on white violence being allowed to slide for the most part while the one instance of a white on black attack having the full force of the law thrown at the perpetrator should not escape us. it is Eric Holder's Justice Department. And it comes as no surprise that he doesn't do irony ... he just purposefully discriminates.

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So the bottom line here is that after ignoring dozens of anti-white knockout game attacks by blacks, as almost all of the knockout game attacks have been committed by blacks against whites, the anti-white Eric Holder's anti-white justice department charges only a white man with a knockout game attack. The message is clear. Only white people are to be charged for hate crimes ... blacks will always get a free pass.

Posted by Hyscience at December 27, 2013 12:32 PM

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