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December 13, 2013

Loons, Propagandists, or Both? 'Hamas Accuses The Evil Joooz of Planning 'Earthquake Attack' To Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque

Topics: Israel, Middle East News and Perspectives

And no, I did not make this up!

mosque 2.jpg

Those evil Joooz have come up with some kind of earthquake machine for the sole purpose of destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque ... or so believe the loony Islamists of Hamas. Besides, what better way to justify a military buildup than come up with the idea that the evil Joooz are about to wallop them with an ... get ready for it ... "earthquake attack."

INN reports:

Ismail Radwan, Minister of Religious Affairs in Gaza's Hamas government, claims that Israel is trying to cause an artificial earthquake to totally collapse the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. According to Radwan, Israel is attempting to do so to establish the Third Temple.

The comments came at an event organized by female students of the College for Professional Applied Sciences. In response to the supposed "earthquake attack," Radwan called for a general national enlistment to the military, and to support the mosque by having fixed presence at the site.

Radwan said through repeated Jewish access to the Temple Mount, as well as "excavations and criminal acts," the Israeli "occupation" has "arrived at the stage of accustoming Palestinians, Arabs and Muslim to accept the existing reality so as to implement their goals to destroy the mosque and build the supposed Temple."

The minister blamed peace talks and security arrangements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) as providing cover for the "criminal acts" on the Temple Mount.

Truly, these people do indeed exist and operate in their very own parallel universe.

Posted by Hyscience at December 13, 2013 8:35 AM

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