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December 6, 2013

Disgusting: Chris Matthews Compares Obama to Pope During Sickeningly Fawning Interview (Video)

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His leg was obviously 'tingling' the entire time.

What makes this all the more disgusting is that in comparing Obama to the Pope, Mathews is comparing a guy who voted four times in support of killing live and viable babies.

Barack Hussein Obama may be Chris Mathews' messiah, but Obama's no Jesus Christ, he is not a messiah, and he certainly bears no character or qualities that allow for him to even remotely be compared to the Pope. And this is all before getting down to the fact that Catholic doctrine involving social justice totally conflicts with liberal's passion for centralization and bureaucracy characteristic of the Welfare State.

Furthermore, Chris Mathews may be Catholic, but he has no clue about Catholic teaching and doctrine regarding social justice. One of the key principles of Catholic social thought is known as the principle of subsidiarity. This tenet holds that nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well by a smaller and simpler organization. In other words, any activity which can be performed by a more decentralized entity should be. This principle is a bulwark of limited government and personal freedom. It conflicts with the passion for centralization and bureaucracy characteristic of the Welfare State.

So, Mathews would do well to take the time to take a lesson on Catholicism and the Church's approach to social justice - the principle of subsidiarity ... explained in this simple video that one would think that even he 'and Barack Obama' could understand (albeit their far-left liberal-progressive ideology prevents them from agreeing with it):

Related video: Abortion survivor lambasts Obama infanticide votes:

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Posted by Hyscience at December 6, 2013 8:32 AM

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