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November 5, 2013

Shocker: 'Contractor For Cited For Exposing Info Of Millions'

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One of the government contractors involved in building and subsequently now in charge of helping fix it, "Quality Software Services Inc" (QSSI) was cited in a June 2013 Inspector General's Report for failing to implement required security controls, putting the security of millions of Medicare beneficiaries' information at risk.


Quality Software Services, Inc., did not sufficiently implement CMS-required information system security controls over USB ports and devices, thus risking exposure of personally identifiable information for over 6 million Medicare beneficiaries.

[...] What was found:

QSSI had not sufficiently implemented Federal requirements for information system security controls over USB ports and devices. Specifically, QSSI had not: (1) listed essential system services or ports in its system security plan or (2) disabled, prohibited, or restricted the use of unauthorized USB device access. QSSI had not implemented USB security controls because management had not updated its USB control policies and procedures. As a result of QSSI's insufficient controls over USB ports and devices, the PII of over 6 million Medicare beneficiaries was at greater risk from malware, inappropriate access, or theft.
The full Inspector General's Report can be read here.

QSSI also had role in the glitch-prone Obamacare exchange marketplace rollout.

One has to wonder if there's anyone in the Obama administration that actually has real managerial experience and who is both capable and willing to put people and firms in place to not only fix the problems firms like QSSI helped create but prevent future problems like the massive debacles now seen in the Exchange site(s). So far, it doesn't appear that the Obama administration has put any such person(s) in charge with decision-making authority.

Hat tip - Weazel Zippers

Posted by Hyscience at November 5, 2013 1:00 PM

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