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November 27, 2013

Report: VA Is Broken: Death, Medical Mistreatment, Claims Backlogs And Neglect At Veterans Affairs Hospitals And Clinics

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This extremely scathing and troubling report screams for immediate action by a competent president with managerial experience (which, of course, we don't have - Amerioca voted-in the wrong guy). Despite frustrated lawmakers having held hearings on VA shortcomings, adopting new rules in hopes of turning the VA around, and even creating websites highlighting the VA's many problems -- there's been no improvement. This, and despite president Obama having increased the VA's annual budget to an all-time high of $150 billion, the VA's health care system continues to worsen in more and more dangerous ways, severely underserving the nearly 7 million veterans who rely on the network for care annually. One of he main problems appears to be accountability ... no one is ever held accountable (a condition that runs throughout the Obama administration - from the very top on down), and a culture of complacency among the agency's middle management continues.

In defense of the VA, I can speak only to my own experiences at the James A. Haley VA in Tampa, Florida over the past 10 years, during which time I have received as good, and in many cases better, care than I received at university hospitals with excellent reputations that I have been treated at in the past. I've found the Haley VA medical, nursing, and clerical staffs to be not only professional and caring, but willing to go to great lengths to make sure I and my fellow veterans received the very best care and equipment possible ... managing my multiple sclerosis and getting me through two bouts with a deadly variant of stage 4 head and neck cancer and no less than a half dozen life-threatening crises related to complications from treatment for the cancers (completely uncontrollable blood pressure ranging from no blood pressure to 270/215). The only negative aspects I've noticed is in some cases nurses in critical-care clinics having to be responsible for up to 50% beyond their normal patient load, 12 hour workdays causing them to carry out critical duties while fatigued (although some nurses prefer the 12 hour work days), and - on occasions - nurses having to deal with inoperable/dysfunctional equipment not being repaired or replaced. None of this is to dilute the seriousness of the above IBT report ... only to say that not all VAs offer the same care ... with some, if not most, offering the best damn care one will find, anywhere.

Unfortunately, far to many vets are indeed not getting access to the care they need, deserve, and have earned ... too many are getting substandard care ... and the time to fix this problem is long overdue. It's time to put competent management at the top, fire the son-of-a-bitches in middle management and other bureaucrats responsible for this 'war on vets' and replace them with people that will do the job they're paid to do - take care of our vets as they well deserve!

Posted by Hyscience at November 27, 2013 2:27 PM

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