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November 15, 2013

Report: Drinking even one strong coffee in the afternoon can rob you of an HOUR of your sleep

Topics: Health Issues

Coffee has its benefits, but according to new research, drinking even one cup of strong coffee in the afternoon can disrupt your sleep.

cup strong coffee.jpg

Via The Daily Mail:

An after dinner coffee can disrupt your sleep for most of the night, reducing the amount of shut-eye you get by up to an hour, according to new research.

The hot drink's stimulating effects last for up to six hours meaning even a coffee before you leave work can interrupt your sleep.

The results showed between two and three cups of coffee, about 400mg of caffeine, taken six hours before going to bed had a dramatic effect.

Psychiatrist Professor Christopher Drake, of Wayne State University, in Michigan, said: "Drinking a big cup of coffee on the way home from work can lead to negative effects on sleep just as if someone were to consume caffeine closer to bedtime."

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Posted by Hyscience at November 15, 2013 1:26 PM

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