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November 30, 2013

Put Americans Back to Work

Topics: Economics

Often people do not realize the power of their voice. Politicians are corrupt and looking to them for solutions is like waiting for a drug dealer to solve the addiction to crack. They don't want it solved as it would eliminate or at least greatly reduce their role. So, it is up to us to solve these problems.

Inch by inch a mile is a cinch

As I stare at these walls, frustrated for all the tasks which need completion, I remind myself to the simple method for solving any problem - one step at a time. It is easy to get caught up and become overwhelmed with everything around us that we become paralyzed by the enormous obstacles. Economical stress can make it difficult to focus on the simplest of tasks - this will only compound our problems. Most of us do not care about politics and became involved because of the economical woes that have affected so many lives.


Let it go! Politics is like modern medicine, for each problem they solve 15 more are created. So, let's not look there for solutions, instead, look in the mirror.

First, you need a job, or a better job, or maybe a much better opportunity. This can only become reality by improving the economy. Since the government has NEVER and will NEVER create sustainable opportunities, let you and I begin right now!

Steps to Putting Americans Back to Work

  • Support small business whenever possible - the corporations spend a lot of money on marketing to convince you to buy their junk, most of which supports other countries.
  • Do not allow bad business to stay in business - many companies cut resources to improve their profit - the internet is a great way to voice your frustration with public reviews across many platforms (this will drop sales for a company)
  • Promote good business products and services with online reviews. Marketing can be expensive in the digital era and your voice will support that small American company.
  • Demand your local stores carry American products - this includes food as well (why are we importing food from china?)
  • Grow your local community relations by attending church and getting involved with improvements for those less fortunate - so as long as they believe in small government (if not, tell them to call obama)
  • Demand quality from manufactures - this new trend of low quality is a result of reduced resources to satisfy share holders.
  • Realize that we are all here because God created everything - unless you want to believe that we resulted from a monkey fornicating with a pig, as a new story suggests - colleges are certifying idiots and morons are paying top dollar to learn from these leaders
  • Start your own business - if you have a skill (cleaning, electrical, lawn maintenance, etc), go knock on some doors. Pass out flyers at your local church. Make friends at your local church. A handful of accounts will yield better revenue than being a manager at walmart. By the way - boycott walmart - they are the ultimate job destroyer.
  • Start a group for local entrepreneurs and market your services together at a fraction of the cost

There are many things we can do to improve our status. Boycott companies that do not serve American best interests. Also, get yourself to the gym. Physical energy does wonders in staying motivated. If you are interested in starting your own business and feel a website would be a great way to boost your exposure, visit my website for more information at

These various items will not solve the problem tomorrow but not taking any steps will not make the issues go away. Of course you still want to call your local politicians and tell them you are going to fire them if they don't change - but in the meantime, focus on your issues.

Posted by remybink at November 30, 2013 5:06 PM

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