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November 18, 2013

Obama's "5 Percent" Con Job is a 100 percent lie - according to the White House's own figures

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That "5%" con job is a much, much, bigger lie than you think!

Andrew McCarthy writes at NRO:

Obama's claim that unwelcome cancellations are confined to the individual-insurance market is another brazen lie. In the weekend column, I link to the excellent work of Powerline's John Hinderaker, who has demonstrated that, for over three years, the Obama administration's internal estimates have shown that most Americans who are covered by "employer plans" will also lose their coverage under Obamacare. Mind you, 156 million Americans get health coverage through their jobs

John cites the Federal Register, dated June 17, 2010, beginning at page 34,552 (Vol. 75, No. 116). It includes a chart that outlines the Obama administration's projections. The chart indicates that somewhere between 39 and 69 percent of employer plans would lose their "grandfather" protection by 2013. In fact, for small-business employers, the high-end estimate is a staggering 80 percent (and even on the low end, it's just a shade under half -- 49 percent).

That is to say: During all these years, while Obama was repeatedly assuring Americans, "If you like your health-insurance plan, you can keep your health-insurance plan," he actually expected as many as seven out of every ten Americans covered by employer plans to lose their coverage. For small business, he expected at least one out of every two Americans, or as many as four out of every five, to lose their coverage.

Keep reading ... it actually gets worse!

Posted by Hyscience at November 18, 2013 9:47 PM

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