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November 22, 2013

Obama Delays ObamaCare's 2014 Enrollment Period To One Month 'After Midterm Elections'

Topics: Political News and commentaries News reports that the Obama administration (obviously wanting to delay the bad news millions of Americans will be receiving about the loss and cost of their healthcare plans - as well as the loss of their doctors and hospital choices) has delayed next year's enrollment period by one month -- pushing the decision past the midterm elections:

The Obama administration plans to delay the start of next year's ObamaCare enrollment period, a move pitched as a way to give consumers and insurance companies more time to study their options -- but which also conveniently pushes the second round of enrollment past the 2014 midterm elections.

A Department of Health and Human Services official confirmed the change to Fox News. The decision does not affect those trying to enroll this year, despite the myriad problems with the launch of the law and Rather, it affects those who will sign up late next year for 2015 coverage.

The administration will allow consumers to start signing up on Nov. 15, 2014, as opposed to Oct. 15. Enrollment will last until Jan. 15, 2015, instead of Dec. 7.
House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., questioned why the administration would delay the second round of enrollment and not the current one.

"Another day, another delay, which begs the question, does the president think enrollment will be just as bad next year? It's stunning to see the president so willing to delay next year's open enrollment period rather than focus on the ongoing chaos and uncertainty that is plaguing implementation today," he said in a statement. ...

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One would hope that even the lowest of low-information voters quickly see through this cynical ploy. As it is, as a result of Obamacare many middle-class Americans are already or will be soon losing their jobs or having their hours cut, being forced to pay more for inferior healthcare plans that causes them to loose both their doctors and hospitals, and are likely to see, sooner or later, tax increases to cover the cost of those getting subsidies.

Posted by Hyscience at November 22, 2013 12:07 PM

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