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October 22, 2013

Social Security Administration Paid Prisoners More That $1 Million in Disability Payments

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Via The Washington Free Beacon:

[...] The Inspector General for the SSA (IG) based its report on a sample of 100 beneficiaries, and found that one-fourth had improperly received disability while they were incarcerated.

"SSA issued improper DI benefit payments to beneficiaries for periods they were in correctional institutions," the report said. "Of the 100 sample cases we reviewed, SSA appropriately took action to suspend DI benefit payments for 75 beneficiaries who had periods of conviction and incarceration, but overpaid DI benefits to the remaining 25 sample beneficiaries."

"Based on this sample, we estimate SSA overpaid about $1 million to 440 beneficiaries," the IG said.

More here.

To be clear, the $1 million in improper payments to prisoners pales in comparison to the real amount of taxpayer money thrown away by the SSA. According to a GAO report last month the SSA made $1.3 billion in potentially improper disability payments to people who were believed to be employed when they were supposed to be unable to work

Back in March of this year, former Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr wrote a piece in the Baltimore Sun that pointed out that the Obama administration is actually doing what it promised: transforming America into a gigantic welfare state.

And there are plenty of takers willing to cash in on it and "get mine." Numbers don't lie. Forty percent of the population was on some form of public assistance when the president took office; today, that number stands at 55 percent. And fraud is rampant.
On the other hand, one can't blame it all on Obama. Although his administration is certainly pushing the nanny state on America, there's clearly no shortage of Americans that are all too willing to take advantage of it and defraud the government under any administration. Undoubtedly, we're undergoing a cultural shift in which the work ethic that helped build our great nation is not-so-slowly disappearing. Add in a nanny state mentality from the top ... and the result is predictable. Then, when we have incompetency in the SSA ... it's made all the worse.

Posted by Hyscience at October 22, 2013 10:50 AM

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