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October 31, 2013

(Shocker) DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary: Muslim Brotherhood Like Christian Evangelicals ... US Is an Islamic Country

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According to Obama-appointed (via Janet Napolitano - and promoted) DHS Advisor and avowed Muslim Brotherhood supporter (as is Barack Obama) Mohamed Elibiary the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is like evangelical Christians and the Brotherhood's indoctrination is like Bible study groups.

And as disgusting as these comparisons are, to top it off he tweeted that the U.S. is an Islamic country ... with an Islamic compliant constitution. (For Elibiary's enlightenment, the U.S. is 78.4% Christian, 1.7% Jewish, and only 0.6% Muslim).


World Net Daily reports (Ht - Religion of Peace):

Department of Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary has penned yet another controversial tweet, this time likening the Muslim Brotherhood to evangelical Christians and comparing the Brotherhood's indoctrination to Bible study groups.

WND found that Elibiary tweeted: "Ignorant #Islamophobes (redundant I know) protested my saying #MB like #Evangelicals. Usra like Bible study grp."

The "MB," or Muslim Brotherhood, seeks a worldwide Islamic caliphate ruled by Shariah, or Islamic law, and teaches followers to help establish an Islamic state wherever they live.

More here.

Posted by Hyscience at October 31, 2013 12:45 PM

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