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October 24, 2013

Secret White House Memos Supposedly Reveal Obama Exploring Options for Third Term?

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I'm not quite sure how to take this report, it seems too absurd ... and too scary ... to be genuine. Besides, it's based on "a source in Eric Holder's office who agreed to speak with The National Report 'on condition of anonymity'" that had this to say (below emphasis mine):

"As is stands today, the Constitution forbids a third term of course, but as any American knows, the Constitution is a living document which is meant to be altered as the nation sees fit and in time of great need. The fact that we have had 27 amendments, shows that it has been done many times in the past, so the idea of a third Obama term, though it would require leaping over what may appear to be insurmountable hurdles, is still quite possible if, in the best interest of all Americans, it is deemed necessary to prevent far Right Republicans from taking control of the Executive branch of government. This is something that the Obama administration would deem a threat to our democracy, thus requiring emergency measures."
More here.

Is this story actually from The Onion?

And Obama decides on his own what's "in the best interest of all America"?

Yeah, right ... that'll work.

Assuming that this story is true, which in my opinion is a bit of a stretch, for the most radically far-left president in U.S. history to actually consider essentially taking over the country through extraordinary means to prevent the government from falling into the hands of the 'eeevil' 'far-right Republicans' is downright laughable ... while at the same time being scary as hell. After all, who doubts that the narcissistic Barack Hussein Obama, a man who has proven to be of almost no character and with little regard for the Constitution, would actually consider doing such a thing ... or for that matter, that Eric Holder would actually go to great lengths to try and pull it off!

Regardless of one's political leanings, such a thing should be considered by all to be reprehensible and frightening. I would be just as outraged if a Republican president considered such a 'takeover.' Here in America we elect president's ... not kings or dictators for life.

Related: NY Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Make Obama President For Life (This actually happened - back in March of this year)

Hat tip to the reader that sent this in, regardless of his reason.

Posted by Hyscience at October 24, 2013 11:00 AM

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