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October 25, 2013

Report: Iran May Be Only A Month Away From An Atomic Bomb

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Our naive, incompetent president should have seen through all the sweet talk and promises of Iran's new President Hasan Rouhani who, while in New York recently for the UN General Assembly, made the laughable claim that Iran has never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb, is not going to do so, and are just working on peaceful nuclear technology. Instead, President Clueless wants to initiate relief of sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran's empty promises which everyone but the Obama administration knows is its umpteenth stalling tactic to buy time to complete its development of nuclear weapons to go on all those missiles it's developed.

Now it appears that the time left to stop them is drawing to a close.

USA Today reports:

Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in as little as a month, according to a new estimate by one of the US's top nuclear experts.

The new assessment comes as the White House invited Senate staffers to a briefing on negotiations with Iran as it is trying to persuade Congress not to go ahead with a bill to stiffen sanctions against Iran.

"Shortening breakout times have implications for any negotiation with Iran" stated the report by the Institute for Science and International Security." An essential finding is that they are currently too short and shortening further."

Continue here.

As I've previously noted, the International Atomic Energy Agency traces Iran's nuclear arms ambitions as far back as 1984, when current supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was president and Iran was at war with Iraq. At a top-level meeting at that time, Khamenei endorsed a nuclear weapons program, saying "a nuclear arsenal would serve Iran as a deterrent in the hands of God's soldiers." And given Iran's long history ever since of using negotiations and proposals to buy time while it continues the development of nuclear weapons and missiles capable of delivering them.

And despite Iran's President Rouhani's claims to the contrary, as Reza Kahlili (a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran's Revolutionary Guards and author of "A Time to Betray") points out, Rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing with the clear intent of using continued deception to allow time for Iran to complete it's development of nucear weapons:

Mr. Rouhani's election was orchestrated by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for a specific mission: buy time so the Islamic regime can complete its nuclear-weapons program, according to a former intelligence officer who defected to a Scandinavian country.
A second goal is to persuade the United States to relieve some of the crippling sanctions as a sign of good faith. Iran's economic situation has deteriorated to the point that officials have warned of the possibility of food rationing. Inflation is rampant, and unemployment growing.
And Rouhani has even bragged about deceiving and lying in the past:

"We did not stop. We completed the program." He said Iran's nuclear activity was under the supervision of the supreme leader and that he, as Ayatollah Khamenei's representative, was to make sure of this deceit.
Read Kahlili's entire piece here

Meanwhile, Iran is working with Russia to boost its nuclear program and it's top nuclear official announced on Thursday.that it intends to build 34 new nuke sites ... surely all for 'peaceful purposes,' right?


Posted by Hyscience at October 25, 2013 9:33 AM

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