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October 23, 2013

Obamacare's digital issues are only the beginning ... the worst is yet to come

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Don't be so naive as to believe that debacle of the rollout of is the worst part of #Obamacare. As Grace-Marie Turner notes over at NRO, there are at least ten more #Obamacare disasters yet to come, pointing out that eventually, software can be fixed, however Obamacare's epic policy flaws can't. According to Turner, the problems increasingly are going to be up close and personal, as people see for themselves the impact it has on their lives and pocketbooks.

Here's a summary excerpt of the first 7:

1. Deductible shock: When consumers finally do get onto the website, they are in for a new kind of sticker shock. Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute has exposed the high cost of Obamacare premiums -- the next price shock will be the whopping cost of the deductibles. ...

2. Will people pay? When people see they have to pay several hundred dollars a month for a plan with this huge deductible, will they pay the premiums? Many will find it hard to fit the cost into already-strained family budgets. ...

3. Attracting the sickest: Sicker Americans, with high health costs, are the ones most determined to get through the website to enroll. If they dominate enrollment, premiums will have to rise in 2015, discouraging even more young healthies from applying in the future. The industry calls this a "death spiral."

4. Less expensive plans vanish: Many people just want to stay with their current plan --as the president repeatedly promised they could. But Kaiser Health News reports that thousands of people are being notified their current insurance is being cancelled because the policies don't comply with Obamacare's benefit mandates. Just a sample: ...

5. Families lose out: Obamacare's subsidies will mean that the federal tax code's existing marriage penalty will get much bigger for certain Americans, especially older, middle-income couples. Families will have to reckon with the fact that remaining married could cost them $10,000 a year or more because single people with lower incomes qualify for bigger subsidies. ...

6. Repaying subsidies: It's going to be very important to accurately indicate annual income on one's insurance application. Those who understate income, either because their situation changes or they reported inaccurate information, and therefore get a larger subsidy than they are entitled to will be required to repay the excess, possibly amounting to thousands of dollars. ...

7. Public health-care costs are going to explode. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where actuaries make calculations about the trajectory of public health expenditures, have this to say: ...

Take the time to read the details of the above problems and problems 8-10 which include more jobs lost, the explosion of identity theft and fraud, and the likely elimination of federal subsidies.

As bad as the problems are that Turner lists, back in June 2012 The Economic Policy Journal listed 15 reasons why Obamacare is a mind blowing disaster for America. After reading all of Turner's piece, taking the time to read the "15 reasons Obamacare is a mind-blowing disaster for America' is almost certain to give you a jaw-dropping shock, if not a state of depression. Clearly, the worst is indeed yet to come and as long as Obama is president and we have a Democrat-controlled senate there's not a damn thing that can be done to stop the complete healthcare fiasco that we all now face.

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Posted by Hyscience at October 23, 2013 11:12 AM

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