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October 1, 2013

Netanyahu to UN General Assembly: 'Iran's Rouhani is wolf in sheep's clothing' (Video)

Topics: Iran, Middle East News and Perspectives

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the 68th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on its last day ... and in his awesome must-hear speech he made clear that Iran's Rouhani is definitely not a "moderate", that he masterminded the strategy that allowed Iran to develop its nuclear weapons program behind a "smokescreen of diplomatic engagements and 'very smoothing rhetoric'," and the only difference between Rouhani and Ahmadinijad is that Ahmadinijad is a wolf in wolf's clothing ... and Rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing; he goes on to detail Iran's role in Islamic terrorism throughout the world. There was significant applause afterwards.

Take the time to listen to the entire clip; Netanyahu makes his case well, and leaves little doubt what Iran has been doing, is doing, and intends to do!

Full transcript here. Read it!

Here's a key excerpt:

[...] Rohani tells us not to worry. He assures us that all of this is not intended for nuclear weapons. Any of you believe that? If you believe that, here's a few questions you might want to ask. Why would a country that claims to only want peaceful nuclear energy, why would such a country build hidden underground enrichment facilities?

Why would a country with vast natural energy reserves invest billions in developing nuclear energy? Why would a country intent on merely civilian nuclear programs continue to defy multiple Security Council resolutions and incur the tremendous cost of crippling sanctions on its economy?

And why would a country with a peaceful nuclear program develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, whose sole purpose is to deliver nuclear warheads? You don't build ICBMs to carry TNT thousands of miles away; you build them for one purpose, to carry nuclear warheads. And Iran is building now ICBMs that the United States says could reach this city in three or four years.

Why would they do all this? The answer is simple. Iran is not building a peaceful nuclear program; Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Last year alone, Iran enriched three tons of uranium to 3 1/2 percent, doubled it stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium and added thousands of new centrifuges, including advanced centrifuges. It also continued work on the heavy water reactor in Iraq; that's in order to have another route to the bomb, a plutonium path. And since Rohani's election -- and I stress this -- this vast and feverish effort has continued unabated.

Interesting, that's essentially what John Bolton and others have said about Rouhani and Iran's true intentions ... except that Bolton has gone so far as to say that Hassann Rouhani is making a fool out of Obama. And they fully agree with what Netanyahu goes on to say about Iran and its actions and nuclear intentions, as well as Iran's role in Islamic terrorism throughout the world.

Posted by Hyscience at October 1, 2013 5:23 PM

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