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October 30, 2013

Liberal-Progressive San Francisco Chronicle To Stop Calling Washington Redskins, Washington Redskins

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Because it's the progressive thing to do and calling the Washington Redskins Washington "Redskins" is sooo racist, or something.


Via NBC Sports:

The Washington Redskins aren't ready to stop using their name, but a major newspaper in another city is.

Per multiple industry sources, the San Francisco Chronicle has decided to no longer print the term "Redskins."

No announcement has been made, and it's not known whether an announcement is coming. It's possible, we're told, that the change will be explained in a column.

Regardless, the decision was communicated internally on Friday, October 25. The 49ers play at Washington on Monday, November 25.

On Wednesday, representatives from the Oneida Indian Nation will meet with NFL executives regarding the opposition to the team's name. Team owner Daniel Snyder reportedly told Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday that Snyder has no plans to change the name.

Enough already with the language police and the politically 'correctniks', Count me among the supporters of Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins. Here's an excerpt from a moving letter he wrote to fans just a few weeks ago (via the Washington Post):
To Everyone in our Washington Redskins Nation:

As loyal fans, you deserve to know that everyone in the Washington Redskins organization -- our players, coaches and staff -- are truly privileged to represent this team and everything it stands for. We are relentlessly committed to our fans and to the sustained long-term success of this franchise.

That's why I want to reach out to you -- our fans -- about a topic I wish to address directly: the team name, "Washington Redskins." While our focus is firmly on the playing field, it is important that you hear straight from me on this issue. As the owner of the Redskins and a lifelong fan of the team, here is what I believe and why I believe it.

Like so many of you, I was born a fan of the Washington Redskins. I still remember my first Redskins game.

Most people do. I was only six, but I remember coming through the tunnel into the stands at RFK with my father, and immediately being struck by the enormity of the stadium and the passion of the fans all around me.

I remember how quiet it got when the Redskins had the ball, and then how deafening it was when we scored. The ground beneath me seemed to move and shake, and I reached up to grab my father's hand. The smile on his face as he sang that song ... he's been gone for 10 years now, but that smile, and his pride, are still with me every day.

That tradition -- the song, the cheer -- it mattered so much to me as a child, and I know it matters to every other Redskins fan in the D.C. area and across the nation.

Our past isn't just where we came from -- it's who we are.

It's about time people of a particular political leaning get over their 'victimhoodness' and politically-correct mentality, and start recognizing that there are things and organizations with long, proud histories and traditions that have absolutely nothing to do with racism, and most fans aren't interested in giving up.

Posted by Hyscience at October 30, 2013 4:15 PM

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