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October 31, 2013

Bombshell: US Commandos Made it To Benghazi (More Were At Tripoli)

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It turns out that help was right there in Libya during the Benghazi attack and neither Barack Obama (who made himself completely unavailable the night of the attack) nor Hillary Clinton (who lied about Benghazi) bothered to send it to save Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans.

This is no small revelation. As Rowan Scarborough notes at The Washington Times, it's the "latest to undermine a carefully crafted story line put out by the president and his aides in the weeks leading into the 2012 election."

Scarborough writes:

" ... sources directly familiar with the attack tell The Washington Times that a unit of eight special operators -- mostly Delta Force and Green Beret members -- were in Tripoli the night of the attack, on a counterterrorism mission that involved capturing weapons and wanted terrorists from the streets and helping train Libyan forces.

When word of the Benghazi attack surfaced, two members of that military unit volunteered to be dispatched along with five private security contractors on a hastily arranged flight from Tripoli to rescue Americans in danger, the sources said, speaking only on the condition of anonymity because the special operations forces "existence inside Libya was secret."

Read the whole thing.

It's bad enough that an incompetent Commander-In-Chief and Secretary of State put 2012 politics before the lives of Ameicans, and had they not been purposefully left vulnerable by the Obama administration our embassy in Libya wouldn't have been left wide open to attack to begin with. Yet making it all the worse is that help was near by and available - our men still could have been saved with only a word from Obama or Hillary. Unfortunately, the two people who were ultimately in charge of those men's safety, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, didn't care enough and were too concerned about the attack conflicting with their political narrative for the 2012 election ... al-Qaeda has been defeated ... to try to save those brave men's lives.

And while we're on the subject of Benghazi, aren't you just a bit curious as to why no Benghazi suspects are listed as part of the State Department's "Rewards for Justice" program and what that says about the certainty that the Obama White House wants to minimize the terrorism angle in that attack?

Posted by Hyscience at October 31, 2013 11:03 AM

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