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October 23, 2013

$3.7 Trillion

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$3.7 trillion is the amount that the U.S. has spent on welfare - just since Obama took office.

Here's a chart, showing that spending versus transportation, education, and NASA spending:


Via The Weekly Standard:

"We have just concluded the 5th fiscal year since President Obama took office. During those five years, the federal government has spent a total $3.7 trillion on approximately 80 different means-tested poverty and welfare programs. The common feature of means-tested assistance programs is that they are graduated based on a person's income and, in contrast to programs like Social Security or Medicare, they are a free benefit and not paid into by the recipient," says the minority side of the Senate Budget Committee.

"Because the welfare budget is so fragmented -- food stamps are only one of 15 federal programs that provide food assistance -- it makes effective oversight nearly impossible, at the same time disguising the scope of the budget from both taxpayers and lawmakers alike. For instance, it is easier for anti-reform lawmakers to oppose food stamp savings by obscuring the fact that a household receiving food stamps is often simultaneously eligible for a myriad of federal aid programs including free cash assistance, subsidized housing, free medical care, free child care, and home energy assistance." ...

More here...

The above chart makes obvious what Peter Ferrara aptly noted in his must-read piece at Forbes back in June of this year - the term 'welfare state' doesn't begin to adequately describe how much America's poor control your wallet.

[...] It is more like a vast empire bigger than the entire budgets of almost every other country in the world. America's welfare empire encompasses close to 200 or more federal/state programs, including 23 low income health programs, 27 low income housing programs, 30 employment and training programs, 34 social services programs, at least 13 food and nutrition programs, and 24 low income child care programs, among others.

Federal and state governments spend a trillion dollars a year just on these means tested welfare programs, which does not include Social and Medicare. That is more than we spend on national defense. It adds up to roughly $17,000 per person in poverty, over $50,000 for a poor family of three. The Census Bureau estimates that our current welfare spending totals four times what would be necessary just to give all of the poor the cash to bring them up to the poverty line, eliminating all poverty in America. ...

[...] What have we gotten for all of that welfare spending? Poverty fell sharply after the Depression, before the War on Poverty. The poverty rate fell from 32% in 1950 to 22.4% in 1959 to 12.1% in 1969, soon after the War on Poverty programs became effective. Progress against poverty as measured by the poverty rate then abruptly stopped. By 2009, the U.S. poverty rate had risen back to 14.3%, and today it has further soared to 16.1%, substantially higher than when the War on Poverty began. In other words, we fought the War on Poverty, and poverty won.

Take the time to read the whole piece.

Part of that last sentence is worth repeating: "... we fought the War on Poverty, and poverty won." And as you read the rest of Ferrara's piece it becomes clear that the reason poverty won has much to do with the war on poverty itself.

Also worthy of mentioning is the fact that by October 2012, welfare spending had risen 32% from the time Obama took office ... and it is still growing.

Posted by Hyscience at October 23, 2013 12:47 PM

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