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October 2013

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October 31, 2013

Kelly File: 'How many people will have their health plans disrupted?' (Video)
(Video) Israeli Planes Strike Russian Missile Stockpiles in Syria
New Obamacare Exchange Front Page
Poll: Hillary's approval dropping
Oh? Made in America good enough for you now Obama?
'Busted' By Forbes: White House Predicted in 2010 That 93 Million Would Lose Their Health Plans Under ObamaCare
Another week, another weak jobs report
It's Not Just That's A Mess, Obamacare State Exchanges Cost Taxpayers Over $1 Billion And Most Still Glitch-Filled Messes (Video)
(Shocker) DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary: Muslim Brotherhood Like Christian Evangelicals ... US Is an Islamic Country
Re: 'Five Big Lies Democrats Told The American People About Obamacare'
Bombshell: US Commandos Made it To Benghazi (More Were At Tripoli)
Opinion. Just an opinion.
"Kathleeeen - "he" needs a word wit you"

October 30, 2013

NBC Poll: Majority think health law needs overhaul or elimination
Democrat Halloween
Liberal-Progressive San Francisco Chronicle To Stop Calling Washington Redskins, Washington Redskins
Montages of Obama Lies (Sgt. Schultz of American politicians)
WaPo fact checker awards 'Four Pinocchios' to Obama's promise that 'if you like your plan you can keep it'
ObamaCare phone list screw up sends callers to cupcake shop
NBC: Small Business Owner's Premiums Increase By 400% Under Obamacare (Video)
CNN: Obama Admin Trying To Silence Insurance Companies From Discussing ObamaCare Problems
Obama State Dept: Egypt Churches Burned by Some People Who Are 'Simply Anti-Christian' (Refuses to blame Muslim Brotherhood)
(Video) O'Reilly Compares Obama's Policies to Cuba's Communist Regime

October 29, 2013

President No Bucks
Ah Sean! Teh man! Thinks Haiti a model for America!
Jaw-dropper: Obama on Sandy Anniversary - "We Take Care of Our Own ... We Leave No One Behind"
CoveredCA chief - 'Up to 900,000 will lose health plans' (while uniquely calling Obama a liar)
Thomas Sowell on the race hustlers among us
Rasmussen: 42% Identify with Obama Politically, 42% with the Tea Party
Re: Obama's politics of oppression and lawlessness
Outraged Megyn Kelly Holds Up 'Smoking Gun' Proving Obama Knew His "If You Like Your Insurance You Can Keep It" Promise was A Lie (Video)
Benghazi Whistleblower Attorney: 'Very good evidence' people were RELIEVED OF DUTY because they insisted on a military response
Liar-in-Chief Update: U.S. Intelligence Officials Angry Over Obama Claiming He Didn't Know They Were Spying On World Leaders
SPLODY HEAD! Immigration BS!

October 28, 2013

Victor Davis Hanson: "What is it about Detroit, Italy, or Greece that we do not understand?"
They knew they were lying ...
Obamacare supporter: "It wasn't supposed to happen this way"
CBS' 60 Minutes admits Benghazi is a real scandal, and America's been lied to
CBS News Features Distraught Woman Paying 10 Times More for Insurance Because of Obamacare
Rasmussen: Majority of Americans Expect Obamacare To Make Healthcare System Worse
Doomsday prepping - but not by "the people"
A Google Giggle
Do the words "shelter in place" mean anything to you?
Military Police Leak FEMA Gun Confiscation Plan

October 27, 2013

Good... Bad... Evil...
Judge Jeanine Pirro
Sweet Grace
Mockmoon and Whittle

October 26, 2013

"It's SUPPOSED to fail!"
Yep, #Obamacare Is Indeed The Disaster Conservatives Predicted
When the Have Nots Become the Haves

October 25, 2013

I will never be ready, but I'm ready.
#Obamacare Bottom Line
Alan Dershowitz: 'I Can't Find Anything in the Constitution (That Supports Abortion)'
Ezra Klein: 'Sorry liberals, Obamacare's problems go much deeper than the Web site'
Welcome to Obama's 'Amerika': Welfare Recipients Now Outnumber Full-Time Workers
The broken record: "Good for me but not for thee"
Report: Iran May Be Only A Month Away From An Atomic Bomb
Sebelius: 'I Don't Work For People Who Want Me to Resign' (Video)
To advocate replacing America's "black" president with another "black" person is racist in itself.

October 24, 2013

It isn't too early is it?
Lacking Trust in Obama, Israel and the Gulf States Are Quietly Drawing Closer Together
WSJ's Hemminger: 'Obama's Credibility Is Melting'
Secret White House Memos Supposedly Reveal Obama Exploring Options for Third Term?
Megyn Kelly Provides Timeline Of How Obamacare Was Forced On America (Video)
I now know definitively Hussein Obama's problem!
Jay Leno Calls Obamacare 'Obamacrash' (Video)
Hey, hey, can you don't - don't point it at my Mom! - #Elsipogtog
PJ Media: Is the President Bored or Just Incompetent?

October 23, 2013

Now the White House is considering delaying it 'dramatically underestimates costs in new estimate feature
Senator Rand Paul Discusses Obamacare on Fox's Hannity - October 22, 2013 (Video)
MSNBC Reports on Alan Grayson's KKK Smear Against the Tea Party
$3.7 Trillion
Obamacare's digital issues are only the beginning ... the worst is yet to come
Another Obama Foreign Policy Failure: Saudis To Sever Diplomatic Ties With U.S.
Consumer Reports Warning: 'Stay Away From'

October 22, 2013

Depiction of the aftermath of the Obama era
Finally O'Reilly 'Goes There': Accuses Democrats of Pushing Communism in America (Video)
Sebelius Covers For Obama - Claims Obama Did Not Know About Obamacare Website Glitches (Video)
And I bet there is no tooth fairy either!
New Video: Obama Makes Healthcare Pitch To His OFA Army For Help In Signing People Up For Obamacare - "I Need You To Be Part of Team Obamacare"!
Obamacare To Travel Similar Road Medicare Traveled To Popularity?
Toon: Finally, Bipartisan on Obamacare
WaPo: Obamacare Exchange Crashed During Testing of Only A 'Few Hundred' Users Days Before Launch
You will NEVER need Obamacare following this man's lead...
Daily Show was bad enough, how about Consumer Reports?
National Journal's Ron Fournier: Sebelius Should Have Been Shown The Door
Daily Show Trashes Obama Administration's Rollout Of (Video)
Social Security Administration Paid Prisoners More That $1 Million in Disability Payments
Continued Stagnation
"Assimilation is what you do with inferior cultures"

October 21, 2013

Video: Dave Ramsey On How Obamacare Affects You (Math Matters!)
WaPo-ABCNews Poll: 'Majority Believe Obamacare Web Site Problems Indicate Broader Issue'
Video: Support 'Police State', 'Orwellian Nazi-Style' Tactics To 'Keep America Safe'
Obamacare Parody Video: 'No Worries - You're Covered'
WaPo's Ezra Klein: Has Bigger Problems Than Just 'Glitches' (Video)

October 20, 2013

But ... there is a wild card
Sunday funny - kinda sorta
Good morning and welcome all you Holocaust deniers.....
Like it--hate it, it's "not" the law but **surprise** you get to go to jail anyway!

October 19, 2013

Still searching for the truth.
If you believe in a balanced budget then you are a "domestic terrorist."
Curtain calls not even finished on the big GOP cave...

October 18, 2013

After jumping a record $328 billion Thursday, U.S. debt now tops $17 trillion for first time
Shocker: Website Company Hired For Was Fired by Canadian Government for Poor Performance
Post-shutdown - Obama approval continues downward trend
Liberty Tyranny and the Rule of Law
Technology Experts: Obamacare Exchange Built Using 10-Year-Old Technology, Will Never Work Properly Unless Rebuilt
Good question! Two good answers!
Mothers and Fathers Wake Up!

October 17, 2013

Two Presidents
Rasmussen: 13% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction (Where Did They Find These People?)
Lah-hoo-za-her lemmings!
No Debt Ceiling Now ... Obama Has No Spending Limit
Hey Obama... From Egypt (Video)
Charles Krauthammer on Obama Presidency: Obama "Has No Interest in Reducing the Debt or Deficits. His Priority is to Increase Entitlements, Spread the Wealth" (Video)
Now he wants to negotiate
'Not everyone thinks white people have constitutional rights'
Syrian Jihadists Plant Remote-Controlled Bomb In Church's Confessional Box
The Mindset, The Reality, The Aftermath
Chinese ratings agency gets what Obama administration fails to grasp

October 16, 2013

Democrats far more extreme than GOP?
Obama is his own best/worst critic
The Face Behind the Obama Shutdown
Re: Reports of Obamacare fraud emerge in Tennessee
Thank you Mr. Gowdy - Veterans March on DC
(Must-See Video) Dr Keith Ablow Psychoanalyzes Obama's 'Victim Mentality'
Never Emphasized By Obama 'Talking Point' Media: 'House GOP Voted 11 Times To Reopen The Government But Obama and Senate Dems Turned All Down'
Obama: O'Care Good For Thee But Not For Me

October 15, 2013

High School Girls Harassed by Transgender Student in Bathroom, Threatened with 'Hate Crime' Charges if They Complain (Video)(Updated)
I WANT the food shelves emptied STAT!
MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Accuses Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) Of Being Unpatriotic, Taking Hostages, and Pushing People Off A Cliff
'Barrycades' Causing Park Service to Lose More Than $76 Million Each Day
The Top Secret 'Deadliest Substance Known to Man'
Video: Aetna CEO on Obamacare: 'There's so much wrong, you just don't know what's broken until you get a lot more of it fixed.'
Rameriz on 'The Gravity of Our Situation'
Gallup: Majority of Americans want a third party
Obama's OFA To Hold Protest Against 'Tea Party' In D.C. Tuesday
And they came - Veterans, truckers, bikers, patriots. Will "we" let the moment pass?

October 14, 2013

New Obama Slogan!
Obamacare Causing Rate Hikes All Across the Nation (Video)
Obama's 'AmeriKa' - Administration Shuts Down Catholic Services at Kings Bay Navy Base ... 'Locks Church Doors (Updated)
Two Weeks Later ... CNN Reporter Still Unable To Sign Up For Obamacare (Video)
Event Held in S.C. For Obamacare Enrollment Draws ... 1 Person

October 13, 2013

Live streaming .....
Re: #1MVetMarch
Much like the many, many "emergency" drills held across this land recently..

October 12, 2013

Oath Keepers & Oath Breakers - a distinct difference between the two.
AWESOME TWEET - Canuck style!
LOVIN IT! Live video cam from one of the truckers...
Roll On Proud Crackas!
Ann Barnhardt - History Rhymes
"Gas roots campaign"
Tavis Smiley: 'Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator' Under Obama (Video)
15 Photos From the DC Truckers Ride for the Constitution
Don't be tellin me how to spit! Jack!

October 11, 2013

Million Veteran March on Sunday
Having Tripled the Deficit, Obama Now Brags He Cut It in Half
Give Them an Inch
Egypt to Obama: Keep Your Aid And Shove It
"Pentagon admits airport arrival ceremonies of remains of our soldiers are fake"
Video: Mother forced to choose between ObamaCare and feeding her family: 'Affordable Care ACt is not affordable'
Capitalism vs. Socialism Explained In A Single Image
The Must-Read Anti-Obamacare Letter That's Gone Viral This Week
Harry Reid Not Included In C.R. Negotiations
This is not the day to pull punches.
EU Considering Declaring Abortion A 'Fundamental Human Right'
Train Wreck Update: NBC Blasts Obamacare Exchanges - 'The Focus of Ridicule' and 'A Complete Mess'
"President Temper Tantrum"
We are NOT a G** Damn Communist Country!

October 10, 2013

Bill Whittle on President Temper-Tantrum and 'Essential' vs. 'Non-Essential' During the Shutdown
Report: Reign of Obama Has Brought Chilling Effect on Journalism and Press Freedoms
CBS's Jan Crawford: ObamaCare launch "nothing short of disastrous" (Video)
Senator Mike Lee - wanting monies....
National debt rate on track to double since Obama came into office
Weekly Jobless Claims Hit Six Month High
Obama's America: 'U.S. Adds Two Times More Debt than Economic Output in Last 2 Years'
"Is DC Going To Get Trucked This Weekend?"
Utah spy center in flames? How dreadful!
Shocker: CNN's Wolf Blitzer says Obama should take GOP advice and delay Obamacare (Video) (Updated)

October 9, 2013

Moody's: 'U.S. would avoid default if the $16.7 trillion debt limit were not raised'
Re: 'Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's Shocking, Insufficient, Rambling Response to MSNBC on Obamacare Enrollees'
Now Even A Liberal Democrat Is Saying The EPA's Biofuel Program Is A 'Flop'
Americans Standing Up - Truckers Ride For The Constitution
Americans Standing Up - 1M American Veterans 10-13-13
Americans Standing Up - Retired Navy Captain & Flats Guides
Americans Standing Up - The Boat Owners in Las Vegas
Americans Standing Up - Fallen Heroes
Americans Standing Up - Veterans Handcuffed & Arrested
White House Ignored Warnings ObamaCare Website Had 'Significant' Problems
Americans Standing Up - The Innkeeper
Americans Standing Up - Whistleblower
Uh Oh: AP Poll Finds Obama's Approval Rating Tanking To 37%
Debt Limit? "Unfunded Liabilities Dwarf $16.7 Trillion 'Ceiling'"

October 8, 2013

Quote of the day
U.S.Navy in Japan - NOT PAID SINCE 9/30!
Compromise ... Obama Style
Georgia Reporter Spends Entire Day Unsuccessfully Trying to Sign Up for Obamacare Exchange (Video)
Why 'Progressives' Always Get Tech Wrong ... And Their Efforts Always Get Unintended Results (Think Obamacare)
Jon Stewart: Kathleen Sebellius May Be Lying To Me About Obamacare
Liberally-biased Twitter Shuts Down "Truckers For The Constitution"
Salmonella Alert: USDA Issues Health Alert for Foster Farms Chicken
Re: 'Guess how many of Kathleen Sebelius’ 3 Obamacare 'success stories' have actually enrolled
Obama's Shutdown Campaign 'Echoes Old Communist Tactic'
Wha Hoppened Barry?
Man fined $100 for running in closed national park
Obamacare Law of the Land ... Except Washington Pols, Unions, Friends of Barry's ... And Now in 'NV and NH' (Sebelius makes GOP's point)
'Inflict Max Pain' update: Feds shut down major roadway, block access to graveyard

October 7, 2013

Diminishing Superpower Update: 'The Chinese Warn Obama - The Clock Is Ticking On Default'
You've "heard" of global warming -
Victor Davis Hanson: 'Obama as Chaos'
Obama Shutdown Not Applicable to Illegal Aliens - Park Service OKs Illegal Alien Rally On 'Closed' National Mall
17% government shutdown?
President Obama wants tales of woe and terror over government shutdown ... needs your help!
Yet Another Hate Crime In Race-Hustling Obama's America: White Army Soldier Murdered, Was Called 'Cracker' by Suspects.
President Petulant - Four
Obamacare Supporters' Awakening: "Of Course, I Want People To Have Health Care, I Just Didn't Realize I Would Be The One Who Was Going To Pay For It Personally" ...
Ted Cruz Smacks Down Democrat Shill Candy Crowley On CNN (Video)
President Petulant - Three
President Petulant - Two
President Petulant - One

October 6, 2013

Obama shutdown temper-tantrum update: Senior citizens evicted from their private homes on Lake Mead

October 5, 2013

CDC - When is a shadow not a shadow?

October 4, 2013

Re: 'Obama Instructs Federal Workers To 'Make Life As Difficult For Americans As They Can'
Shocking: Priests threatened with arrest if they minister to military during shutdown (Even if they volunteer)
Jonah Goldberg on the budget battle and Obama's vindictive streak
City of Bartow, Fl bans 'irrevelant' "God Bless America" sign
Man with incurable leukemia dropped from his health insurance plan because of Obamacare
Why Central-Planning Won't Work

October 3, 2013

UN picks fox to oversee henhouse
Raymond Ibrahim on the 'Modern Western Histories of Islam
Border Patrol agents being ordered to 'stand down'?
'Privately Owned' Mt. Vernon Too?
Air Force - Navy game ... it's a go!
CNN goes 0-for-100 trying to find successful Obamacare enrollee
"Your not going to push around that generation!"
California high school student ordered to remove NRA T-Shirt because It Promotes Gun Violence ... or something
Shutdown Priorities ...
Dr. Ben Carson Talks to Bill O'Reilly about Getting IRS Scrutiny after National Prayer Breakfast Speech (Video)
Obama's BFFs: SEIU Organizes Fake Protesters At WWII Memorial
All those hits, but as for signups - 'Less than 1% '
Face to face with what government as "prepper" looks like.
Islamic tolerance update: Al-Qaeda-linked rebels desecrate Melkite Greek-Catholic Church in al-Raqqa, Syria
Now wait just a cotten pickin minute! TSA is non-essential?

October 2, 2013

Study: Exercise 'as effective as drugs' for common diseases
Team Obama Closes Liberty Bell ...
Priorities Per Obamathink!
Welcome to Obama's 'AmeriKa': Mounted Police Now Being Used To Keep WWII Vets Away From Memorial
YO! TRUCKERS! Stay "spicy" ya hear?
Obamacare Glitches, Glitches, Glitches ... Enough Already!
Religious Tolerance (Islamic Version) Alert: 'Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti 'Again' Calls For Destruction of All Christian Churches On The Arabian Peninsula'
Obama's Government Shutdown Spiteful Temper Tantrum Continues ... Now Closes Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

October 1, 2013

Unhappy low-information voting Obamabots wake up to find they have to pay a fee for not having health insurance
Netanyahu to UN General Assembly: 'Iran's Rouhani is wolf in sheep's clothing' (Video)
One week in total isolation and THIS is what I come home to?
Obamathink at Work: Obamacare Quadruples Costs for Some, Rewards Others Who Quit Working
ObamaCare Takes Off ...
Down memory lane: 'Obama on raising the Debt Ceiling in 2006, 2008'
Poll Shows Majority Support Delay of Obamacare Mandate
So, When Did The Government 'Shutdown'? (Tweet)