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September 20, 2013

Christian Girl Saved By Rescue Christians: Muslims "rapidly raped me and forced me to embrace Islam"

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It was just yesterday that we wrote about Barack Obama's National Park Service actually spendingt your hard-earned tax dollars to produce what is nothing less than pro-Islam propaganda videos praising Islam's contributions to women's rights ... rights which, of course, we easily and quickly debunked with numerous examples exposing such propaganda as pure bull sh*t.

Now comes news of yet another female that the National Park Service would choose to omit from their propaganda videos - the story of Tania Rebecca, a young Christian girl from Pakistan, who was kidnapped by Muslims who repeatedly gang raped her and violently pressed her to become Muslim, then sold her to other Muslims who inflicted her with the utmost of wanton cruelty.

Tania recounted her unbearable tortures when she said:

"... they sold me to Muhammad Ismael and Khadim Hussain. Both of them rapidly raped me and tortured me severely. They used to tie me to a tree and rape me. They used to torture me by burning my body with cigarettes, and cut my body with sharp knives ... They had severely tortured me with sharp blades. ... I cannot even explain in front of the camera how badly I was tortured by them in different parts of my body."
There's much more HERE.

A prominent NGO told her that they were going to take her case, but they only used her experience as a marketing story to gain money from sympathizing donors. She eventually received help from Rescue Christians, as she goes on to explains in her own words.

Posted by Hyscience at September 20, 2013 5:28 PM

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