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September 12, 2013

Catholic Nun Reports Precious Little Girl Dismembered By Islamist Rebels in Syria While She Is Still Alive

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Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib is a Catholic nun and mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria. She has been living in the country for about twenty years, and has been very active in reporting what has actually been happening on the ground inside Syria.

Posted below is an excerpt from what she told RT the other day. According to Mother el-Salib, the Syrian rebels have been brutally beheading people wherever they go and they even dismembered one little girl with a frame saw while she was still alive ...

"In the village of Estreba they massacred all the residents and burnt down their houses. In the village of al-Khratta almost all the 37 locals were killed. Only ten people were able to escape.

A total of twelve Alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack. That was a true slaughterhouse. People were mutilated and beheaded. There is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive -- alive! -- by a frame saw. The final death toll exceeded 400, with 150 to 200 people taken hostage. Later some of the hostages were killed, their deaths filmed.

At the moment we are looking for the hostages and negotiating their release with the militants, but so far we haven't managed to achieve that.

Take the time to

At the moment we are looking for the hostages and negotiating their release with the militants, but so far we haven't managed to achieve that."target=_blank"">read the whole thing. Mother el-Salib also says that there is proof the footage of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was fabricated and that she is submitting her findings to the UN.

As American Dream posits at Right Side News, should the United States be allied with radical Islamic jihadists that dismember little girls while they are still alive? Although that question is, of course, absurd, that is precisely what Barack Obama has been proposing. Obama wants the United States to go to war so that it will be easier for the Syrian rebels ... who are for the most part al-Qaeda Christian killers ... to take over Syria. What you will read in the RT article should absolutely shock you and help convince you that Obama's proposal is itself absurd. Please send it out to your friends and share it everywhere that you can.

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Posted by Hyscience at September 12, 2013 8:01 AM

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