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August 5, 2013

Veterans Sue City In New York That Ordered Gadsten Flag Removed


Let us not forget that the Gadsten Flag has been routinely flown on any combat vessels in our Navy since we first attacked Afghanistan following 9-11-01


Of course it would be the "elected" hair ball officials in New Rochell, New York that would come up with such an ignorant idea.


Thus, off they go to court where the taxpayers of New Rochell will surly be made to pick up the court costs when the city council loses this suit.

New Rochelle, NY, is an actual American Revolutionary War site, where the Continental troops actually flew the Gadsden flag in battle, against the Red Coats. Further, at that site, coastal artillery batteries, and I believe two Continental naval vessels, also flew the Gadsden flag.

Opposition today, is of a political nature with the liberal progressives ruling that area with a rubber chicken. To deny our American Heritage, and to deny our American History, as it truly did occur.., is a very sad day, indeed. Shame on them for opposing the historic flag of that exact city location, and shame on them for attempting to rewrite American history to suit a socialist authoritarian agenda

Do you think it's possible that this might make the voters of this little hamlet think twice the next time they vote?


The video below is extraordinarily interesting in that it proves the federal government has no lock on ignorance. Listen particularly to the logic of black council member and the woman that speaks after him.

That would be a major "HELL NO," as those who could would vote for the "Weiner Mobile," and certainly voted for "Mayor Big Gulp Bloomberg.


Bloomberg's law was found unconstitutional, Imagine that.

Posted by DancingCzars at August 5, 2013 2:28 PM

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