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August 28, 2013

Today's Must-Read: 'The Muslim Brotherhood: Origins, Efficacy and Reach'

Topics: Terrorism, Understanding Islam

MB.jpgRaymond Ibrahim's highly informative and extensive essay on The Muslim Brotherhood was commissioned and written nearly a year ago but only recently published. In light of the June 30 Revolution and ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, it has been slightly updated. Every American needs to know about this dangerous world-domination-seeking Islamist movement and be aware that there is no doubt that the Brotherhood will continue spearheading the Islamist movement around the world, gaining more and more recruits, both formal and informal, as it edges closer to realizing its ultimate goals.

As you read Ibrahim's piece keep in mind that the MB's slogan is "Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations." In other words, the overarching goal of the MB and all Islamist and jihadi groups the world over is the establishment of "Allah's rule" on earth ... and all unbelievers must submit or die.

Here's a quick couple of excerpt to pique your interest:

[...] The story of the Muslim Brotherhood, as with many other stories dealing with Islamic importance, begins in Egypt -- which still serves as something of a paradigm of the group's strategies and approach in general. Hassan al-Banna (1906-1949), the son of a mosque imam and Sheikh of the Hanbali school of law, founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Hassan incorporated Sufi views, which tend to be more moderate and which teach, among other things, pragmatism and patience. Of course, in an Islamic context pragmatism and patience can easily take on the form of taqiyya and tawriya -- Islamic doctrines that instruct Muslims to deceive when it is perceived to be in Islam's interest -- and may well explain how Banna came to develop the Muslim Brotherhood's way of operating, to be discussed further below. ...

[...] ... the Brotherhood's English language website describes the "principles of the Muslim Brotherhood" as including firstly the introduction of the Islamic Sharia as "the basis for controlling the affairs of state and society"; and secondly working to unify "Islamic countries and states, mainly among the Arab states, and liberating them from foreign imperialism." In other words, working to unite the Muslim world under a caliphate which it still openly insists is its ultimate goal. Indeed, not too long ago, Muhammad Badie, the current General Guide of the Brotherhood [arrested August 19, 2013], openly declared that "The Imam [Bana] delineated transitional goals and detailed methods to achieve this greatest objective, starting by reforming the individual, followed by building the family, the society, the government, and then a rightly guided caliphate and finally mastership of the world."

It's important for every freedom-loving American to take the time to read Raymond Ibrahim's entire piece and be aware, be very aware, of the history, goals, and objectives of the Islamist organization that Barack Obama is so supportive of: The Muslim Brotherhood: Origins, Efficacy and Reach.

Posted by Hyscience at August 28, 2013 8:32 PM

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